As of Monday, Aug. 9, 2021, the Standards and Guidelines that are in place to keep our community as safe and healthy as possible will be revised and simplified. You can review the revised Standards and Guidelines at and they are summarized below. As part of these changes, Pitt will no longer be using the Operational Postures and Activity Area Plans. The University, through the Healthcare Advisory Group and the COVID-19 Medical Response Office (CMRO), will regularly evaluate conditions on our campuses and may change these rules based on changes in pandemic conditions.  

Please carefully read the revisions. They apply to all University members — including students, faculty and staff on all campuses — when on University property. University members who fail to comply with these health rules may be denied access to campus or face disciplinary action.


Face Coverings

  • Indoors: Regardless of your vaccination status, face coverings are required when indoors, unless you are in your enclosed private office or dwelling.
  • Outdoors: Individuals who are not fully vaccinated, as well as those who are or live with someone who is immunocompromised, should wear face coverings when outdoors and unable to maintain physical distancing. Additionally, anyone is welcome to wear a face covering outdoors based on their own comfort level.

Read more about face covering requirements in outdoor and indoor settings on all campuses. All community members are welcome to wear face coverings based on their own comfort levels and needs.


Hand Hygiene

Regular hand hygiene is a key element of mitigating the spread of illness and protecting yourself and others. Read more to understand when and how to wash hands or use hand sanitizer.

Containment Measures

COVID-19 Testing

  • University members who have not provided proof of vaccination are required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing, as directed by the CMRO. More details will be provided about how to pick up, use and drop off mandatory COVID-19 testing if you are unvaccinated.
  • Testing is recommended for all who become symptomatic after exposure to someone with COVID-19, including vaccinated individuals.

Contact Tracing

University members who are confirmed by a medical professional to have COVID-19 must report their diagnosis, and provide names of close contacts so that contact tracing can be initiated to control the spread of COVID-19. A close contact is defined as within six feet of someone for more than 15 minutes, regardless of masking.


  • Fully vaccinated University members who are notified of close contact with an individual positive for COVID-19 are not required to quarantine, but should get tested 3-5 days after exposure and wear a mask in public indoor settings for 14 days or until they receive a negative test result.
  • Unvaccinated University members who are notified of close contact with an individual positive for COVID-19 or who have a COVID-19 positive individual in their household must quarantine away from others and should not circulate on campus or in public for 10 days.


University members who receive a positive test result for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, are required to notify the University and must isolate until medically cleared to return to campus.


Disclosing Your Vaccination Status

University members who are vaccinated and wish to disclose vaccination status should upload an image of their vaccination card.

More details regarding surveillance testing and other virus containment measures will be provided later this month. Please visit for updated information.

New Guest Registration Systems

Registered Guests

  • University of Pittsburgh campuses are closed to the general public, but open to University members and registered guests.
  • Guests must be registered by a University member prior to visiting campus. Supervisor approvals for guest registrations are no longer required and the process is now online.
  • Residence hall guests are managed by a separate process. Please see Panther Central for more information.

Read guidelines online for vendors and suppliers and academic visitors.



Safe Travel Guidance

  • University members may engage in professional and personal travel but should be cognizant of pandemic conditions at their destination and along their route. Local conditions and rules inform the advisability of any travel.
  • University members should follow CDC guidelines for travel, including any travel-related quarantine. Further restrictions may also apply and must be adhered to, as determined by current guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Allegheny County Health Department or other county health departments applicable to the Home Campus.
  • Read the requirements for payment for travel.

International Travel

  • In order to help us ensure University members’ safety and expedite extraction, should that be necessary, every international trip must be registered via the Pitt International SOS portal. Booking via Concur/Anthony Travel automatically registers the traveler with ISOS. Registration with the US Department of State STEP program is strongly encouraged.
  • Student travel abroad is governed by the policies of the Pitt Global Experiences Office.
  • Additional information about international travel is available on the Global Operations Support website.

While the Research Standards and Guidelines have been eliminated, more details about fieldwork and PPE or specialized COVID-19 supplies for research or clinical use are available online

PPE, which includes specialized equipment like N95 respirators, surgical masks, gloves, and gown, and COVID-19 mitigation supplies for uses other than research or clinical use are available from several University-wide Contracted Suppliers through the PantherExpress System. Visit the Purchase, Pay & Travel website for more information.