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Festa di Capo d'Anno

Say farewell to 2013 & ring in the
new year with us!

December 31st has a beautiful four-course meal in store for everyone here at Piccino.  Think dungeness crab, pasta, ossobuco and white truffles, all finished off with some decadent chocolate.  

James is sourcing some very special wines to create the perfect pairing for each dish.

And to keep things festive, Tin Cup Serenade will be here all night with a four piece band, playing jazz, blues and whatnot! Be warned, dancing may occur near your table.


Book your reservation on our website or by calling 415 824 4224.

$95 per person, or
$125 with the wine pairings.*

1st seating: book from 5:30-7pm
2nd seating: book from 8-9:30pm


The coffee bar will be open 'til midnight too, serving select pizzas to go, sparkling wine and of course, exceptional coffee.

We look forward to toasting the new year with you!

*A 20% service charge will be added to all checks, as well as SF sales tax. 

Holiday Treats in the Coffee Bar

pasta & spiced pecans

gingerbread people

blood orange gelatina

pre-order a whole pie

Looking for something fun & yummy to take to your next holiday party? Stop in the coffee bar and checkout the bounty of wonderful things our kitchen team is making this season.  

There are lots of goodies you can grab when you pop in for a coffee. Plus we're doing some special pre-order items for Christmas Eve.

apple streusel pie  $24
cranberry pecan pie  $26
brioche dinner rolls  $20/dozen, $10/half dozen
gingerbread people  $28/dozen

Let us help out with your holiday entertaining. Stop in and place your order today!  

All orders must be received by close of business Saturday, December 21. Items will be ready for pick-up on Tuesday, December 24 from 9am-4pm. All pie orders require that you provide us with your own pie plate, otherwise there will be an additional $3 charge per pie.

The Reason for this Season

The day before Thanksgiving a group of police officers from the Bayview Station was having lunch at Piccino, enjoying some down time and cheer. A customer at a nearby table — eyeing the group —  told Sher they would like to pay for the officers' lunch!

We were speechless and delighted to comply with such a generous request. When the officers asked for their bill and were told that it had already been taken care of, the table was in disbelief and erupted with sheer joy at this expression of thanks and appreciation.

The officers left very moved and happy, but what that single guest doesn't know is how his act of kindness affected all of us here at Piccino . . . smiles and full hearts all around. People like that are the reason we're here.

Thank you!

Heartfelt Farewell

It’s hard to explain how someone you've barely met can have such a profound and significant influence on the path you take. Judy Rodgers, co-owner and chef at Zuni did just that for Sher, me and many of us here at Piccino. Sadly, Judy passed away last week at age 57.

She was an inspiration to Sher and I because in her quiet, steadfast, and visionary way she created a landmark restaurant that has thrived for nearly 30 years! That is an accomplishment we have the deepest respect for, and her approach is something we strive to honor everyday. It is with great sorrow that we raise a glass and mourn the loss of an exceptional woman and chef.