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Do OB/GYNs Discuss Sex Health Thoroughly Enough?

In a recent University of Chicago study, 63% of American OB/GYNs surveyed asked patients about sexual activity. But the numbers for other key topics dropped from there. For example, 40% asked about sexual dysfunction. And a quarter expressed disapproval or disagreement about a patient's sexual activities.

Click here to learn more about this study, the roles demographics played in the physicians' responses, and the authors' suggestions for improved OB/GYN-patient communication.

Recreational Users of ED Drugs May Lose Confidence

A study of American undergraduate men found that those who took erectile dysfunction drugs recreationally tended to lose confidence in their erectile abilities later.  

This could lead to further difficulties down the road. The men may feel they can't get a suitable erection on their own.  Or, they may develop unrealistic expectations of what a suitable erection is like.  Read more.

New Q & A: Female Sex Health and ED Drugs

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