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Dear PSA Teacher Member

Welcome to the first teacher's e-Newsletter of 2013! If you have colleagues you feel would be interested in this newsletter, please forward them a copy.

Leveson Event

If you aren’t too far from Cardiff, we’d love to see you and your students at the opening plenary of our 2013 Annual Conference in Cardiff. This free event will be held on 25 March 2013 at Cardiff City Hall from 2.00pm until 3.30pm, and is entitled ‘Leveson and the Future of Political Journalism.’ This roundtable brings together some of the most passionate and eloquent voices in a debate that has enormous ramifications for the future of UK politics. The session will be chaired by Professor Ian Hargreaves CBE (Cardiff University), and those making up the panel are Trevor Kavanagh (Political Editor, News International), Mick Hume (Spiked) and Chris Bryant MP.

If you would like to attend, we would be very grateful if you could reply to Louise Bates as soon as possible, and by no later than 12 March 2013, with your name and the names of any students you would like to attend with you. We are expecting a high demand for places at the event so there may be some limitations on numbers.

You are of course also welcome to register to attend the PSA 2013 Annual Conference in full from 25-27 March at the reduced Post-Graduate rate. The conference website contains details of the programme and registration costs.

Workshops on Applying to Study Politics at University

We are planning on repeating last year's successful series of workshops on 'applying to study Politics' around the country but would like your feedback on when, and where, is best in the academic year to hold these.

These free workshops are designed for your students and include a lecture by a leading academic in Politics. The workshops will cover areas such as: selecting the right course and institution, the application process, and what to expect when you get to university. Lunch will also be provided.  

Please click here to complete our Poll to let us know when and where is best for you

Parliamenty Outreach Announces Series of Free Open Lectures

These lectures are part of a new package of services tailored for university staff and students but are open to anyone to attend. The lectures are made available by the Houses of Parliament’s Outreach Service, which seeks to spread awareness of the processes and relevance of the institution of Parliament.

The lectures will be delivered at Westminster by senior figures from within Parliament, covering a wide variety of subjects about Parliament and its work.

Spaces at each Open Lecture are allocated on a first come first served basis, so booking in advance is essential. Lecturers include: John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons and Andrew Lansley, Leader of the House of Commons.

For a full list of speakers, visit the Parliamentary Outreach website.

If you are interested in attending an Open Lecture, please contact Parliamentary Outreach:
Tel: 020 7219 1650

We Would Also Like to Remind you About our Speakers Programme for Schools

Academics from across the politics discipline are available to visit your school free of charge to give lectures to your students on any subject of your choice related to the A level or Higher curriculum. The PSA will pay all travel costs, even where these exceed the costs of teacher membership. Please contact Louise Bates on 020 7330 9288 for more information.

2013 Competitions for your Students!

Student Short Video & Poster Competitions

Keep an eye out for these competitions; we will be opening up entries later on this year. It’s a great chance for your students to explore contemporary political issues in a creative way and to learn or enhance new skills, such as video production and interview style.

The winners of the 2012 video competition (pictured), from Budmouth College in Dorset said:

"I'd just like to thank you, Louise Bates and the PSA, on behalf of Evie Gibson and myself, for the wonderful opportunity you have given us through the short video competition. We've had such a great experience, from the shortlist to the awards ceremony, and we can't thank you all enough.The experience has been both enjoyable and valuable."

And their teacher also enjoyed the whole experience, saying:

"Making it to the final was very exciting, with the opportunity to meet The Speaker John Bercow and Doreen Lawrence in particular. I was very proud of the way they handled the interview process and was amazed at their confidence. Being announced as the winners was amazing for them and the Awards Dinner really was the icing on the cake. Coming from sleepy Dorset, having people come to their table to not just congratulate them but also to offer business cards and the opportunity to discuss possible internships was a real eye-opening experience for them. The competition has stimulated a lot of interest at our college and some of my Year 12 students are already asking whether they can enter next year.”

As in previous years, Shortlisted groups will be invited to the House of Parliament to discuss the ideas raised in their video with a panel of politicians, including the Speaker John Bercow, journalists and academics. The winning group will receive their award at the PSA’s annual Awards Dinner in London on 26 November 2013, broadcast on BBC Parliament, with accommodation provided for them and their teacher in a central London hotel.

Secondary School Student Poster Competition

Now in its second year, this competition for all students in years 9 to 11 or S2 to S4 in Scotland is a great opportunity for younger students to think about, and illustrate, political issues in an imaginative way. The winner(s) will get an all-expenses-paid trip to London, which will include a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

The theme for this year’s competition will be announced in a future e-Newsletter, so keep a look out!

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Edited by Rosie Cambell (Chair of Communications & Engagement Sub-Committee) and Jack Neenan (PSA Communications Officer).