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Focus on Scripture

Upcoming passages at One Place:

April 6: Acts 21-23 (Susan Zork)

April 13: Acts 23-26 (David Ferguson)

Praise and Worship this Sabbath

Watch the following videos and come prepared to lift your voices for Jesus with Tiago and his band this Sabbath. 

Scandal of Grace 
"Our Song"
is So Sweet
We Will Run 

One Place Media Podcast Update

We've updated our Acts podcast teaching series through March 16. If you've missed it, come check it out here

Passion Play

Tickets to the Passion Play this weekend are sold out. Please come 30 minutes before the rotations begin for any available spots. 

For more questions, please email Campus Ministries.

Tithe and Offerings Report

Last week our offering totaled: $3270.22

Thank you for your continued financial support. 

Join us in the Upper Room @ One Place

The Upper Room is an intimate worship option as an extension of One Place's service. It takes place in the second overflow Room 251 upstairs. This Sabbath we will have Scott Kabel leading out in music. Come on up to the Upper Room and join us in worship. 

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Get to know your One Place church family on Sabbath, April 27.

One Placers will host other One Placers for lunch in their home, and the directions will be randomly given to those who want to participate in the meal. Those hosting won't know who's coming, and those going won't know who's hosting.

Sign up to be a host home or a guest. Sign up sheets will be at the information tables during both services at One Place. You may also sign up through Facebook by contacting Ashley Weber or by email.

One Place Men's Retreat

Calling all men: Come join us for the One Place Men's Retreat on May 18th starting at 3:00 pm. We will be meeting in Camp Geneva Holland, Michigan. The cost is $75 per person, $45 for students.

For more information, contact Bill Scott, David Greene, Ryan Orrison or Japhet De Oliveira

*Scholarships are available for all. Please contact Senior Pastor Japhet De Oliveira. 


Any items for the newsletter, such as birthdays and other events, please contact Vimie Joy Magsino