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Dear Loyal SOFA Supporter,

We wanted to take a moment to catch up and THANK YOU for joining the battle in our ongoing effort to hold Washington accountable.  Through donations, grassroots initiatives, volunteer efforts, social media and most importantly standing up for America; we have been able to deliver our message across our great nation where prosperity and freedom remain the cornerstone of our republic. Your support ensures WE ARE HEARD in Washington and ARE REPRESENTED by AMERICANS - NOT BIG GOVERNMENT.

With the re-election of one of the most anti-patriotic presidents in history, a looming sequester that our President approved,  Our Second Amendment rights under attack, unanswered questions with regard to the loss of four American lives in Benghazi, the potential appointment of Secretary of Defense whom does not know the difference between our allies and enemies, looming tax hikes and NO BUDGET - the list goes on and on.

Special Operations for America believes in our United States Constitution and a bolstered national defense.  We stand for traditional American values that have made America exceptional: individual freedom, limited government, and free enterprise - THESE VALUES ARE THE FOUNDATION FOR OUR SUCCESS.

SOFA needs your help to make certain our American Constitutional rights are secured, that our active duty military, veterans, and their families are shown our deepest respect - a respect honorably earned.  To take stand for a strong national defense, limited government, energy independence, free enterprise, right to bear arms, individual freedom and foreign policies that lead us into tomorrow.

If you agree with our battle plan - a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500 or even a maximum of $5000 will ensure our American Values are PROTECTED.
In order to carry out our mission, we will require the resources to further our goals....WE BOW TO NOBODY.  WE DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR AMERICA.

We place our faith in you, to donate you may click here SoForAMERICA to make a secure online contribution or make checks payable to: Special Operations for America, 2460 Route 9, Malta, NY 12020

We must stand strong.... and stand united,


Ryan Zinke
USN SEAL (Retired)
Chairman, Special Operations for America