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Team DCC Junior WBS Finalists!

The Junior Winter Bouldering Series came to a spectacular end last Saturday with the Junior Finals.  Each category 5 – 7, 8 – 10 and 11 – 14 years were challenged by 3 final problems which pushed all competitors to their limits.  Most of the problems were pretty tough, DCC staff would like to congratulate all juniors who made it to The Final! DCC Juniors Rock!

First, the 5 - 7 Years category warmed up to tackle their first problem. 

5 - 7 Years Category

Nicholas Royle

In the 5 – 7 years final, Alexander Royle, Peter McGrother, Nicholas Royle, & Billy Duke competed in reverse order for the podium finish.  Fellow DCC Rock Stars cheered their pals on from the sidelines. 

Problem 1 was a difficult one to start with as it proved just too far to reach for most. Alexander Royle came the closest to topping it as his fingers touched the final hold, he just didn’t have the reach to hang it.

Twin brother Nicholas was the only one to top Problem 2 with most of the juniors struggling to make the powerful reach from the fish shaped hold up onto the overhang.

Billy Duke

Peter McGrother

The final problem proved to be the easiest of the bunch giving the competitors a boost with all but one competitors topping out.  Peter gave this problem his all and got very close but in the end couldn’t quite reach the final hold.

5 - 7 Years Results

Left to right: Billy Duke, Peter McGrother, Alexander Royle, Nicholas Royle

1st: Nicholas Royle
2nd: Alexander Royle
3rd: Peter McGrother
4th: Billy Duke

8 - 10 Years & 11 - 14 Years Categories

As time pressed on, both the 8 – 10 and 11 – 14 Finals took place at the same time in the advanced area.  Competitors warmed up with their coaches Andy, Ryan and Jens with Paul and Academy Coach Joanne stepping in to assist with judging.

8 - 10 Years Category

Caitlin Wombwell

All of the 8 – 10's flashed the first crimpy slab problem.  They moved onto the second problem in the cave with all competitors reaching the same point struggling to make the move out from the lip of the cave falling into the hands of spotters.

Cayla Davies

In the last problem, the first and second moves were difficult.  Joseph got on the problem first sticking the first move and just unable to throw out for the second.  Caitlin was very close to securing the second move but just unable to grab the hold. Cayla left it to her last attempt before topping the problem securing second place. Some slippery features made it difficult for Thomas to stick this move.  Last up was Jonah who cruised to the flash taking the title having waited a long time for a first place finish.

8 - 10 Years Results

Left to right: Thomas Dumble, Cayla Davies, Caitlin Wombwell, Jonah Kirtley


1st Jonah Kirtley

2nd Cayla Davies

3rd Thomas Dumble

4th Joseph McGrother

5th Caitlin Wombwell



11 - 14 Years Category

Luke Paxton

In this category, our competitors were cool, calm and collected.  Bethany, Joe and Mairi all flashed problem 1 located on the DCC Wall.  The problem is a juggy two handed, 2 footed start with a big move in the middle of the problem.  Luke picked up 4 points on this for his 3rd attempt while Bradley just missed out on a score for this one.

Problem 2 to the left of the cave starts with 2 hands on the feature and a twisty push up to a pinch.  This climb ended with a difficult move and proved just too tricky for all with none gaining any points on this problem.

Problem 3 which started on the 25 with a 2 handed volume start.  Only one foothold meant good smearing technique was essential. This problem seperated the category with Joe and Mairi flashing the problem while the rest of the competitors just missed out on any points.

11 - 14 Years Results

Left to right: Luke Paxton, Daniel Bailey, Joe Creffield, Bradley Slater, Mairi Teasdale, Bethany Heslington

1st Mairi Teasdale

2nd Joe Creffield

3rd Bethany Heslington

4th Luke Paxton

5th Bradley Slater

Trophies and Certificates

1st Place for Jonah!

Well done everyone! Certificates and Volx Trophies all round!

Goody Packed Raffle!

We ended on a high with the raffle draw and award ceremony.  Prizes including Toys r Us voucher, Boreal Climbing Shoes, chalk bags, chalk and cuddly toys were given out.

Juniors posed for pictures with their medals as their overall achievements were recognised.  The day was intended to be a fun end to the series, and to give the juniors a chance to experience the style of a national competition in a fun environment without all the pressure. After all, DCC is a fun place to be!

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