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How I Became
A Digital Content Producer

In this fortnight’s blog post we talk to four professional digital content and multiplatform producers. Alexander Edmondson and Emma Morris are Metro Screen graduates; and Chloe Rickard and Kate Ayrton are newly appointed Metro Screen tutors with Kate also being a graduate.

Kate Ayrton – graduate and Metro Screen tutor

Your pathway, how did you get here?
It started with a Steenbeck in the early 90s when I was a student at NYU and working with a very 'old school' film company called Merchant Ivory Productions. It was like working for a really dysfunctional but brilliant family who you couldn’t help but love. I learned a lot about life and how to do great work on a shoestring budget. This was followed by a long and accidental segue into the advertising world where I got to work on a lot of big-budget projects. The work wasn’t always so great, but I could always make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, which helped in the leaner times. As the industry changed a decade or so ago, it was clear we were all going to have to change with the times and start again. The best piece of advice I was given as a student was... [read more]

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One of Sydney’s most exciting festivals for creatives is gearing up to take place  from 22 May – 8 June. Hosted primarily at the MCA, with light shows all over the CBD, the full VIVID program has been announced, and tickets are on sale. Don’t miss out.


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Youtube Subscription

Youtube has announced plans to introduce an ad free paid subscription option for viewers. Great news for everyone sick of waiting impatiently for that 'skip this ad' button to appear but there has been some concern for what this all means for creators. Namely, failure to participate in the scheme may see every video on their channel being set to private :/ 


Position at Metro Screen

Metro Screen is seeking a Hire and Post Production Manager with proven management skills. The Hire and Post department works with a broad range of clients. The Manager is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that deliver strong financial return. Apply by 27 April.


Indie Spirit: Independent Filmmaker Talk

7 May, 6:30-8:00pm, FREE
Join Metro Screen for a free panel discussion where local independent filmmakers share their recent experiences making indie feature films in Australia, show clips and discuss financing, navigating production and post-production hurdles and finding an audience in a highly competitive playing field. Register to attend.

Short Courses

April Short Courses

Location Sound Recording
Audiences will often forgive less-than-polished visuals if the context is right, but they will never forgive bad sound. Starts Sat 18 Apr

Introduction to Screenwriting
starts tonight Thurs 16 Apr

Full short course details here.


Low-Budget Film Insurance

A low-budget film that is fully insured without the high-end cost makes sense. Metro Screen's public and products liability policy, created especially for films with a budget under $50k, costs $230-$290 for a 30-day shoot. Find out more here.


Emerging Producers Placement

Gain a 6 month customised program working with production companies, Screen NSW, attending key industry events and working with a consultant to plan your career pathway, while being paid. Apply for the Emerging Producer Placement (EPP) before April 30 and start your journey to becoming the next great Australian producer.


Hire and Post Production

Need equipment and space for your next production? Whether it’s a short film for the festival circuit, a documentary for broadcast, a teaser for promotional purposes, or a feature film, we can accommodate your requirements and tailor an affordable quote to suit your needs. More info.





Experienced D.O.P. available.

Young D.P. seeking paid or unpaid work.

Graphic Designer wanted - Paid.

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Down Under Berlin: Call For Entries

2015 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award: Call for Entries

Below Five Zero Film Festival: Submissions Open

Revel-8 Super-8 Film Festival: Call for Entries

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Multi-Screen Engagement Masterclass With Seth Shapiro: New Dates

AnyCameraWillDo Filmmakers Talk 2

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Metro Screen ADG Nominees - Adrian Chiarella, Sunday Emerson Gullifer and Melissa Anastasi

International Release Of Defendant 5

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