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The staff of the Galloway Station Museum had a fantastic time at KidFest! Thanks for everyone who came out on the cold Saturday to see all the great exhibitors and to have a sneak peak at some of the activities will be doing during Night at the Museum. 

Night at the Museum

Be sure to check out the second annual Night at the Museum on February 1th.

In parthnership with the Town of Edson's Unplugged Family Week events; the museum, Brighter Futures, Edson Creative Arts Society and some great local citizens have come together to create a wide variety of 'unplugged' activities for family members of all ages. 

Enjoy a Canadian favorite, snow taffy; take a pair of snowshoes for a spin, mill grain into flour, cook delicious jam, create a headdress, plus experience many other activities!

For more information please give us a call at 780.723.5696