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February 25 - March 11

Volume 1. Issue 9.

Dear ,

Have you heard about this new UGBC structure? Did you know that student organizations will have a louder voice next year and that you or a member of could represent your respective cohort of organizations?

The Student Assembly (former Senate) will consist of 50 seats, including 20 seats designated for Student Organization representatives.

This is where you come in: Run for Student Assembly for next year!

This position is your opportunity to get more involved at BC and to play a vital role in advocating for student organizations. The Student Assembly has received increased voting and directive power. As a Senator you will hear and vote on new initiatives from within UGBC and brought to the government from students. If you are devoted to than this is a great way for you to advocate for them and to maximize what UGBC can do for organizations and the larger student community at Boston College.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this form on myBC. There is no obligation at this point. There will be a mandatory Senate candidate meeting on Tuesday, March 19th to confirm your candidacy and to learn more about the election season, which begins on Wednesday, March 26th and ends on Friday, April 5th.

As you gear up for (a much needed) spring break, make sure to plan how you will transition your leadership, complete training credits, and continue to make progress on your yearly goals. As always, please stop by or contact us if we can be of any assistance.

The Student Organization Team


Training Update

Register Today for Mandatory Training

Each organization must have a member registered for Eyes Wide Open by Friday, March 8th. Click here to Register.

A leader in your organization with an interest or responsibility for risk management must attend from each organization. Non-Seniors are preferred.

This training will be on Thursday, March 14th from 6:00 - 7:30p in Higgins 300.


Many organizations are making excellent progress on the 30 Training Credit requirements for the year. Here are a few tips and helpful links to share with your organization.

  • Create a plan that works for your organization. Some suggested methods include: A GoogleDoc with all events, an Excel spreadsheet, delegating 1-hour/member, looking at past events this semester and submitting the appropriate form. If you need help developing a plan contact Adrienne Dumpe.
  • Have your members join the training portal by clicking this link.
  • Make sure that post-event forms are completed in the appropriate category whenever a member attends an event. Forms are located under the training portal.
  • Fill out the Proposal Form if you are hosting an event that you would like to see in training options.
  • Transition your membership by April 16th to allow new members to attend training and learn from you before you graduate.
  • Email Adrienne Dumpe if you want a current summary of your training credits.


Get Involved!

Wondering how to accomplish all the great ideas your e-board dreams up? Worried about your budget for next year?  Heard you can collaborate with Nights on the Heights, but not sure how or why to do it?

Come to Cookies, Collabs, and Cash for a meet and greet with other student orgs, SOFC reps, NOTH reps, and the PLCs!  It's part info session, part leadership chat, part coffee break (with cookies!).

Sign up on the student organization training portal today and apply this towards Leadership credit for your organization!

Student Organization Spotlight

Philippine Society of Boston College (PSBC) Culture Show

South Asian Student Association (SASA) Culture Show

Did You Know?

OrgSync (aka MyBC) is used nationally by 1,738,000 users! If you are interested in knowing more about the uses of OrgSync by students like you check out their 2012 Retrospective Numbers