Issue 30 | 23rd November 2016


2016 – a year that will be remembered for its shock political results, saddening celebrity deaths and maddening bastardisation of 'Swiss' confectionary.
As someone on Twitter recently pointed out, "Think back to 6 January, when we spent the day watching a puddle. Imagine if someone had told you then, this is the best 2016 gets." As the end of the year approaches, it feels like we need some stability, some normality in this increasingly crazy world. What better then, than a raft of comforting Christmas advertising to ease us into the festive season? But do they hit the mark? Let's find out in this, the latest issue of the very dependable Sociable Folktales.

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • What happened at the #WhatsNext event?
  • New features to tackle trolls.
  • Instagram
  • Live video on the way.
  • Boomerangs, mentions and links come to Stories.
  • Changes to ad formats.
  • Vertical ad formats added.
Other Platforms
  • Periscope removes follower requirement from VIP program.
  • Snap Inc. to sell shares.
  • YouTube pushes talent to the fore.
  • Five bidders trying to save Vine.
  • Updates to Pinterest's inbox.
  • WhatsApp launches video calls.
  Emerging Platforms & Tech
  • EVA – the sunglasses to help blind people get around.
  • Google's mini radar can identify virtually any object.
  • Samsung's folding phone patent.
  • More on Snapchat's Spectacles.
Social Media Items of Interest
  • White House prepares to transition its social media.
  • Creative wins on Twitter.
  • Admiral back-pedals on Facebook activity due to privacy issues.
  • The tech policies Trump promised to introduce.
  • John Lewis brings Buster the Boxer to life with Twitter, Snapchat and VR.
  • Buster the Boxer's inevitable parodies.
  • Mentos introduces the Mentos Mentors to encourage people to connect.
  • SodaStream's Game of Thrones parody ad.
  • Lego stops advertising with the Daily Mail.
  • The best Christmas ads (so far).
  • The making of the Sainsbury's Christmas ad.
  • Channel 4 creates the first interactive broadcast ad format.
  • The Coke selfie stick.
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