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7 October 2015

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Minister Dunne announces Class 4 gambling package

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne announced a number of decisions affecting the Class 4 sector at the Hospitality New Zealand Conference in Nelson today. This package includes:

  • Government’s decisions on gambling fee increases
  • the release of  a consultation document on the minimum rate of return; and
  • an assessment of the Class 4 sector.

Read the Minister’s speech and media release.

We acknowledge the impact that the gambling fees increase will have on the Class 4 sector. However, you will be aware this comes as the government carries a deficit which will get worse if it is not addressed. In recognition of the increased costs faced by societies, the Government has decided to review the scheduled increases in the minimum rate of return.

View this consultation document.

The further assessment of the Class 4 sector also provides us all with the opportunity to look at how we can ensure a low cost, fit-for-purpose regulatory system that supports sustainable community grant funding and a sustainable sector.

This work is at an early stage and we will keep talking to you about the issues over the coming months.