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CSL RFID Journal Show Report

Innovative Designers of RFID and RTLS Solutions

CSL just returned from a very successful RFID Journal show in Orlando, Florida. Joining CSL this year was Roc Lastinger, one of our new VARs that has been providing projects for healthcare and cold chain transportation.  

CSL was a finalist for the coolest demo award with our live demonstration of the CS208-3G communicating RFID tag data via SMS to a mobile phone.

In addition, we showed a demonstration of our new CS8304 ColdChain Data Logging Tag communicating with our CS101 handheld reader. Click here for a copy of the CS8304 Datasheet.

CSL Teams Up with HID to Create Dual Mode Access Card

Wow, the innovation just keeps on happening at CSL.  The latest product was based on a customer request, so CSL worked with HID to provide a series of access control ID cards with dual UHF and HF RFID frequencies. For long range access control, the card utilizes the UHF signal boosted with Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) technology. For high security identification the card uses 13.56 MHz technology compatible with MiFare® or iClass®.

We see a big opportunity for the Dual Mode Access Card series for providing physical and logical access in defense, enterprise and financial industries, said Adam Cartner, TransTech Systems.  “The EPC UHF BAP technology provides access control for parking and building access and the Mifare® or iClass® HF technology provides high security login authentication for access to computers, documents or for payment.”   

There are three versions of the Dual Mode Access Technology:
CS9110 Combo Gen2 UHF BAP + Mifare HF Tag
CS9111 Combo Gen2 UHF BAP + HID eProx HF Tag
CS9112 Combo Gen2 UHF BAP + HID iClass HF Tag