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Sam playing for the Auckland HeartsThe end of summer saw the Smith and Partners team involved in a lot of fun West Auckland community activities. We cheered loudly in support of Waitakere Primary’s entry in the Rotary Soapbox Derby and for Waitakere United at their final game in the ASB Premiership. The team also enjoyed a great day at the annual Rotary Golf Day fundraiser at Huapai Golf Club.

In other exciting news, Samantha Curtis was selected to play for the White Ferns women’s cricket team. After her February debut against the West Indies women’s team here, she represented New Zealand at the World Twenty20 tournament in Bangladesh.

Back at the office, we are delighted that Linda Muller has returned as a solicitor, after working part time supporting our litigation team while on maternity leave. We also welcome Jessica Edwards to the team as Office Assistant.

Congratulations to Partner Ruth Gregory who is leaving the firm to work as a Family Law Barrister. While we’ll be sad to see Ruth leave, we wish her all the best ‘at the Bar’.

We’ve had great feedback from clients about the article on the importance of updating your will. We hope you find the information in this newsletter just as useful.


Peter, Greg & Wade
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