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11. JANUARY 2017

Internal focus

VIDEO: The three finalists for this year's Fogh-Nielsen Competition
The PhD Day 2018 is just around the corner, and as always, three particularly talented PhD students are competing for the main prize in the prestigious Fogh-Nielsen Competition. Meet the finalists and get a brief introduction to their research fields.

The Academic Council will celebrate academic victories
Referring to the path to the extraordinary, a Danish proverb says: ‘Crawl out on to the branch; that’s where all the best fruit is hanging’. The question is whether Health is good enough at celebrating and supporting those researchers and students who make a special effort? This was discussed by the Academic Council at the final meeting of 2017.

Pregnant women at Health to get their own policy
The university's personnel policy does not include a specific policy covering pregnancy. For this reason, Health now has its own policy to define the framework, roles and responsibility for a safe work environment when babies are on the way.

Registration for the PhD Cup is in full swing – do you want to take part?
For the sixth time, the most talented communicator among Denmark's newest PhDs will be found when DR, Information and the Lundbeck Foundation hold the annual PhD Cup. If your PhD dissertation was approved during the course of 2017, you still have time to register.

Information session on grant opportunities from innovation fund denmark in 2018
On Tuesday 16 January, Innovation Fund Denmark invites all interested researchers to participate in an information session at Aarhus University about the foundation’s calls for applications in 2018.

Introduction Day for new employees
Introduction Day is Aarhus University’s official event to welcome new members of staff. It is an opportunity to find out more about Aarhus University as a workplace and to meet new colleagues.


Helpful intestinal bacteria counteracts tendency to depression
Animal studies from Aarhus University indicate that certain lactic acid bacteria can prevent the type of depression which is linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. The result may be of significance for the treatment of depression in people, says medical doctor and PhD Anders Abildgaard, who is behind the study.


VIDEO: New ideas and good experiences at Health’s Education Fair
More than 100 lecturers, directors of studies and students gathered to find inspiration from each other’s experiences of teaching health science study programmes. Watch the video and comments from the annual education fair at Health.

New Master's degree track in Advanced Practice Nursing on the way
Health has entered into a cooperation with eight municipalities and the Danish Nurses Organization (DNO), both of whom are looking for a new type of nurse known as an Advanced Practice Nurse. The analysis and development work begins now. If the new degree track is established, the commencement of studies will take place in September 2019.


Personalised medicine concerns all of us
Personalised medicine can turn out to be a medical breakthrough that is just as crucial for the modern healthcare system as the invention of penicillin was in the 1900s. But it will require political awareness and decisions about structure and organisation that make use of the existing strong environments, before all of us can really benefit from tailor-made treatments.

Staff news

Mapping the Danish genome was the Danish Research Result of the Year
Researchers from Health can enjoy a large part of the credit for the research project GenomeDenmark, which the readers of have just chosen as the Danish Research Result 2017. The researchers have analysed fifty families' genomes and created access to very precise knowledge about how the genome of a healthy, average Dane looks.

Health science number cruncher receives grant from Novo Nordisk
Professor Erik Thorlund Parner from Aarhus University’s Department of Public Health receives almost DKK 1.8 million towards the development of new statistical methods for the analysis of health data.

New professorship in biomedicine at Aarhus University
Thomas Vorup-Jensen has recently begun work in a new professorship at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University. Here he will conduct research into the function of protein molecules in the immune system – and hopefully pave the way for entirely new drugs.

AU researcher receives million-kroner grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation
Poul Henning Jensen from Aarhus University has received a grant of DKK 3.8 million from The Michael J. Fox Foundation to conduct research into Parkinson's disease.

Grant: Too little potassium - high blood pressure
A grant of DKK six million from Foundation LeDucq will be utilised to investigate why blood pressure increases significantly in people who do not get enough potassium. Professor Robert A. Fenton from Aarhus University will lead the research.

Grant: Measuring the severity of schizophrenia
Medical doctor and Associate Professor Søren Dinesen Østergaard from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has just received a grant of DKK 2.6 million from the Independent Research Fund Denmark to test a new method for measuring the severity of schizophrenia.

Apoplexy researcher honoured
Clinical professor Grethe Andersen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital receives the Hanstedgaard Foundation’s Annual Award of DKK 125,000. The award is made for her contribution to improving the treatment of patients with apoplexy, which is the name of a blood clot in the brain or cerebral haemorrhage.

upcoming events

PhD defence: Johanne Liv Agger
PhD defence: Marie Dahl 
PhD defence: Kira Vibe Jespersen


You can find further PhD defences, inaugural lectures and other events in Health's calendar 

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