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December 2014



Housed within the Department of Economics, the Georgetown Center for Economic Research (GCER) is set up to foster an environment of open and rigorous scientific inquiry into current economic policy issues and problems.

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Third GCER-IZA Young Scholar Program held at Georgetown

GCER-IZA young scholar program participants

The GCER-IZA Young Scholar Program, is a joint effort by GCER and the IZA. Its main objective is to expose young scholars to the world's leading labor economists through a week of presentations. This year's conference took place  on September 22 - 26, 2014 at Georgetown University.

The speakers included distinguished economists Justin Wolfers, Kevin Lang, Giuseppe Moscarini, Caroline Hoxby, and John Kennan. See  IZA website for the detailed program schedule.

Distinguished Visitor Series resumes for the 2014-15 academic year

The 2014-15 GCER Distinguished Visitor Series features a number of prominent economists who spend time in the Department during the academic year. 

The first Distinguished Visitor was Simon Gilchrist, who teaches at the Department of Economics in Boston University and is Research Associate at the NBER. During his visit of October 14-17 he met with students and faculty in the Economics Department and presented his latest research in the Macroeconomics workshop. See Distinguished Vistors for the schedule of future Visitors.



Fall Profile: Harrison and Lagunoff study tipping points in a climate model.

The absence of an international carbon agreement is often described as the "business-as-usual" (or "BAU") scenario. New research by Harrison and Lagunoff studies the incentives to reduce carbon emissions under BAU in a global setting. While most economic studies of climate change examine the incentives of consumers and firms, Harrison and Lagunoff focus specifically on the strategic interaction among the largest players - the countries themselves. Are outcomes under BAU sustainable or is economic collapse inevitable? What determines the transition, if any, from sustainability to collapse?...

Read more about the Featured Profile here...



*New research by GCER Fellow Mark Huggett is featured in recent TACC article

New research by GCER Fellow Mark Huggett and St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank economist (and former GU PhD student) Alejandro Badel is featured in a recent publication of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas. Badel and Huggett develop a quantitative model to analyze the effects of taxing top earners in the U.S. The full article by TACC can be found here...

*Gui2de receives a $3 million USAID grant to expand road safety intervention project in East Africa

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a $3 million grant to Billy Jack and James Habyarimana, co-founders and co-directors of Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation, or gui2de. The grant from USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) supports the third phase of the Initiative's Zusha! study in Kenya...



Ph.D program

Our PhD program is and will remain a hub of intellectual activity and advancement at Georgetown.

*Eighteenth Annual Razin Prize

This year's Razin Prize for best doctoral research paper was awarded to Jason Albert for his work on "Strategic Dynamics of Antibiotic Use and the Evolution of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections." Congratulations to James and his dissertation advisors Luca Anderlini, John Rust, and Roger Lagunoff.

*GU Econ PhD student Nisha Rai writes about maternal health in World Bank publication

GU Econ PhD student Nisha Rai recently posted an article in the World Bank's Development Impact. The article discusses Rai's PhD thesis research on the effect of birth attendants on maternal health in Kenya.

         Jason Albert

              Nisha Rai



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