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This historic reprint of Raw Vision's first three issues, first published in 1989 and 1990, contains a wealth of archival and reference material.

Includes articles by Roger Cardinal, Laurent Danchin, John Maizels, David Maclagan, Willem Volkersz, John Turner, Bruno Montpied, Sam Farber and Selden Rodman covering subjects such as Nek Chand, Mary T. Smith, Howard Finster, Haitian art, mediumistic art, Pascal Verbena, Augustin Lesage, US and French environments.




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Raw Erotica: Sex, Lust and Desire in Outsider Art presents works that until now have only been seen in private collections or museum vaults. Over 50 outsiders express their personal interpretations of sexual desire and activity.

Works range from intimate photographic portraits, rough carvings, kinetic sculptures and startling paintings. Includes essays by Colin Rhodes, Roger Cardinal, Jenifer P. Borum, Laurent Danchin, Michael Bonesteel and Thomas Röske.




Issue 87 of Raw Vision magazine will be out in a few weeks, and is available to pre-order now.

Features will include Madge Gill, Jamaican Intuitives, David Best, Judy Saslow, Jerry Torre the "Marble Faun" and Jean-Pierre Nadau.