A comprehensive approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco control (CATS)

August 2016 News

Welcome to the fifth quarterly CATS newsletter, which we send regularly to keep you informed about this 2-year project. 


What does this project aim to do?

The CATS project is funded by the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre, and aims to:

1. Adapt current tobacco frameworks to identify key domains important for tobacco control among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) people;

2. Review what is known about what works to reduce tobacco consumption among Aboriginal people;

3. Conduct an audit of current tobacco reduction programs targeting Aboriginal people (but we have agreed this part of the project will be flexible depending on outcomes of 1 &2);

4. Explore the determinants of smoking uptake and develop potential preventive interventions for Aboriginal adolescents (PhD project).


Welcome and introductions

Christina Heris

In the last edition, we welcomed Ms Christina Heris. We're pleased to announce that Christina has received a PhD scholarship through the CATS project to explore tobacco use among adolescents. She brings a wealth of experience to the project and we look forward to sharing her learning journey over the next three years.


David Hamer

We also welcome Mr David Hamer, a final year medical student who will be investigating tobacco control programs in the NSW Justice system as a ‘scholarly selective’ project.


What has been achieved in the last 3 months?

Since June 2016 we have:

  • Drafted a poster presenting the CATs framework (which combines the activities of the National Tobacco Strategy with the vision and principles of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan) for the 2017 Lowitja conference (project 1)
  • Completed data extraction and drafted findings tables for the evidence synthesis (project 2)
  • Developed tools and information sheets for a survey of tobacco control programs in NSW, refined  (project 3)
  • Refined the protocol and consultation regarding ethics processes for NSW survey (project 3).
  • Commenced ethics submissions in NSW for project 3.
  • One PhD and one scholarly selective students commenced
  • Held a quarterly investigator and stakeholder meeting.

What are we planning for the next quarter (September-November 2016)?

In the next 3 months we plan to:

  • Complete the evidence synthesis and draft a report (project 2).
  • Revise the framework article and resubmit to another journal, present poster at Lowitja conference (project 1).
  • Establish a community reference group and revise ethics feedback (project 3).
  • Support student projects (projects 3 & 4)
  • Hold another investigator and stakeholder meeting.

How can I find out more information and/or get involved?

Contact: Catherine.chamberlain@bakeridi.edu.au or Phone (0428921271)

Attend a regular quarterly project teleconference on: 
Tuesday 11th October 1-2pm AEST

(RSVP to Cath who will send phone in details).


The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre is finding out how we can build an effective, efficient and equitable system for the prevention of lifestyle related chronic disease. For more information visit our website.

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