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21 February 2019

Internal Focus

New model saves the research year at Health
The research year will be preserved with the help of alterations including the final report with internal co-examination being replaced by an individually agreed completion of the project. The administrative adjustments mean that the popular scheme will now continue without the previously announced cutbacks in numbers.

Last chance to apply for a mobility scholarship for stays abroad
Dreaming of a change of location and a stay at a foreign research institution – then now is the time to act! For the last time, researchers and lecturers employed at Health can apply for mobility scholarships. And this time you can split up your stay abroad as you want.

Increase awareness of your research – join the Festival of Research
Aarhus University will once again be opening its doors to a festival of research – and this year the theme is ‘Fascinating research’. The event takes place in and around Stakladen from 14:00 to 18:00 on Wednesday 24 April. Would you like to join? Then don’t delay and register now so you can take advantage of the opportunity to present your research.

Conference: How do we attract more women researchers to AU?
The Committee for Research and External Cooperation (UFFE) invites leaders, staff and students to a one-day conference on 8 March to discuss how we can improve the gender balance among researchers at AU.

People news

New professor will attempt to solve the riddle of unexpected cardiac arrest
Consultant, DMSc Henrik Kjærulf Jensen has just been appointed professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. He conducts research into how sudden and unexpected heart failure can be averted.

Aarhus University has a new Doctor of Medical Science in cancer treatment
Karen-Lise Garm Spindler has just defended her doctoral dissertation at Aarhus University. The dissertation is based on the results of clinical trials and examinations for colorectal cancer.

Danish researchers looking to find a way past the brain’s defence mechanisms
Researchers from Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen are taking part in a major European research consortium which aims to find new ways of treating neurological conditions. The consortium is financed by a grant of DKK 67 million from the EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative.

Cardiologist appointed professor of cardiology
Consultant and DMSc Steen Hvitfeldt Poulsen has been appointed as a new professor in the field of diagnostics of heart valve disease and heart failure at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

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