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Issue 21   | March 20, 2019

Adar Fun!

By Saralah Bresler, 12th Grade


The Derech Emunah girls have been having a lot of fun during the month of Adar, from spontaneous spirit days such as "Slipper Day,"  "Foreign Country Day"  and "Twin Day" to staying up until midnight to turn the school into a giant aquarium. Why an aquarium? Of course, it is to honor Adar as the month with Mazal of Dagim - fish.

The highlight for me was staying after hours to secretly place over 900 balloons in Rabbi Cohen’s office, much to his surprise the next morning. Here's the inside scoop.

Eleven students remained after school to blow up and herd all the balloons into his office. It was a great experience, full of spontaneous singing and dancing. We all learned how much fun we could have when accomplishing things together as a team.

The next morning, two students made sure to come in early to video Rabbi Cohen's reaction.  Once they were in position, one girl had to stall our Head of School so the other girl could get the camera ready. 

When Rabbi Cohen casually walked into the outer office that leads into his office, he did a double take upon seeing all the balloons peeking through his office door window. He started laughing out loud and could not believe what he saw. Then, Rabbi Cohen, taking our prank in good cheer, thanked us heartily for generating such wonderful Purim spirit for the school.

But it doesn’t end there. After coming back to our building from davening at BCMH, unsuspecting students walked innocently into their classroom, which, unbeknownst to them, had been outfitted with Rabbi Cohen’s “revenge:” all the balloons from his office were now vacationing in our classrooms. The next period, the whole school had a ball playing with the balloons while singing Adar songs.



Upcoming Dates and Events

The girls at Derech Emunah high school need your help to gather props for the play.


Can you donate or lend us any of the following?


Fake Trees
Cordless house phones
Business briefcase
2 Black Swivel Chairs with Arms


Please call the school office and let them know what you have available. 206-402-6621



March 21st

Purim - No School


March 22nd
Shushan Purim - No School


March 27th 
A Musical Production


by Derech Emunah Students

For women and girls only


Show starts at 7 pm

Doors open at 6:30 pm




"The Real Deal" is a heart-warming story about a young female lawyer who, by a turn of events, uncovers her Jewish identity and discovers the beauty of a Jewish home. This modern-day theatrical performance is a study in character balance and a comical telling of one woman’s journey to self-discovery. Performed by the talented students of Derech Emunah, this touching tale is not something you’ll want to miss.


April 3rd

Parent Teacher Conferences


April 16-28

Passover Break- No School



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