It's Andy from Lucky Paper here with your infrequent newsletter about all things cube. Since we last spoke, our Kaldheim Prospective was published — thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! If you want to hear more of our own thoughts on the results, be sure to also check out episode 33 of Lucky Paper Radio, our Kaldheim review.

I also wanted to share a great free resource that Anthony has whipped up: a Google Sheets template for rotisserie drafting Cube. Anthony is a wizard with spreadsheets, and this one has all sorts of great features, including:

We've been having a blast running asynchronous rotisserie drafts with our local playgroup and talking trash with one another in our Discord server. It has been one of our favorite ways to play during Covid, as Anthony outlines in his short companion article explaining the template. If you want to hear more about our experience, listen to this week's episode of the podcast, Spreadsheet: the Gathering. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you end up using the template let us know! I can think of nothing better than having a small part in bringing some joy to playgroups around the world by helping to facilitate roto drafts.


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