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Welcome to the fourth edition of Forest Grapevine, the quarterly newsletter of the Silent Forest campaign.

First money transfer to the pre-selected projects

It is very encouraging to see the increasing amount of money pledged for the Silent Forest campaign by the facilities that signed up for the campaign. However, we can only start transferring the money when it is received on the EAZA bank account.

A good number of institutions have already transferred the money over the last weeks, making it possible to start sending the first amounts to the pre-selected projects.

The campaign team prioritized the ‘Searching for the birds: Field surveys to locate two of Java rarest Songbirds’ and the ‘Bali mynah fieldwork: improving the introduction and monitoring methods’ as first project to receive the full amounts. As soon as the last formalities are dealt with, the money will be transferred so the projects can really take off. We will make sure to keep you updated about the progress of both projects.

In order to also provide the other pre-selected projects with the requested amounts, we would like to urge you all to transfer the ‘pledged’ money to the EAZA bank account.

Thanks in advance for the cooperation.

By William van Lint, EAZA Executive Office, The Netherlands

All 125 donated binoculars are already being used in Indonesia

The Silent Forest campaign team would like to thank everyone involved in the binocular collection.You have gathered a total of 125 old but still functional binoculars that have been already sent to Indonesia to the non-profit organization, the official partner of the campaign.

Their members in cooperation with Silent Forest campaign have implemented a new entertaining educational programme called FREE AS A BIRD for Indonesian communities with the aim to educate local children on the natural systems that make life on earth possible and inspire them to live sustainably.

Three local coordinators from Eco-Education Centres in East Java (Gresik, Jombang and Lamongan) have selected 150 families to bring on three trips to the Kebun Raya Purwodadi Botanical Garden. They experienced bird watching and took part in eco-activities which help them connect with nature.

Back home, children learn about birds in eco-educational centers and prepared a Silent Forest play which they performed to the parents and community. The story was about the birds who were fighting for the freedom. Kids really enjoyed the programme and felt  proud because for most it was their first time using binoculars.

A 9-year old participant said: "I would like to introduce birdwatching to all of my friends and establish a birdwatching club at my school“.

The event thus fulfilled all expectations. We hope it helped locals gain a better understanding of the forest ecosystem and the lives of birds, and increased their appreciation of wild and free animals.

You made this happen: thank you!

By Barbara Tesarová, Zoo Liberec, Czech Republic

Songbirds at the EAZA Education Conference

The EAZA Education Conference took place on 25-28 March in Stockholm Skansen (Sweden) with the theme “Conservation education – acting for a sustainable future”. 

The morning of the 27 March celebrated the successes of the EAZA Silent Forest Campaign with four talks.

•”Escape Room for Silent Forest Campaign in Parco Natura Viva”-Katia Dell'Aira, Marta Tezza, Irene Arduini, Cristina Belloni, Ilaria Marchi,Francesca Pinali; Parco Natura Viva
•”Silent forest burst into song, Campaign events at Moscow zoo”–Tatiana Voronina, Elena Migunova; Moscow Zoo
•”Hall of Silence” -Marija Starčević1, Tomislav Krizmanić1, Sanja Škreblin2; 1. Zagreb Zoo 2. Primary school “Dobriša Cesarić”, Zagreb
•”Silent forest –targets for the second half of the campaign”–Barbara Tesarova1, Lucia Schröder2; 1. LiberecZoo, 2. Kölner Zoo

Recordings of the talks are now available on Youtube.

A great opportunity for many educators to discuss their experiences with this very special campaign, which is the first one that focuses on birds.

By Lucia Schröder, Cologne Zoo, Germany

Songbird Day / Weekend

On the 12 May 2019, the International Silent forest Songbird Day will be celebrated.

The Silent forest Campaign team invites you to join us and set threatened Asian birds in the spotlight in your zoo. In most zoos, birds are underrepresented when it comes to special days or activities – grab the chance to get people interested in birds!

Use the educational materials from the Silent Forest campaign website for free. You can find templates to handicraft songbird masks, coloring sheets, fact sheets of all six flagship species, or use the calendar “bird year” with lovely bird activities. 

Get inspiration from the diverse testimonies of our inspired participants, published in the news section.

And as described previously, we need binoculars which will help to advertise “birding” in Indonesia. A songbird activity day is the perfect time to start this collection in your institution! More information here.

By Lucia Schröder, Cologne Zoo, Germany

Campaign-related past events

We are excited to witness increasing events raising awareness for the Silent Forest Campaign. To cite a few:

15 Feb 2019 – A lecture about Silent Forest at selected primary schools, in Liberec, Czech Republic

22 Feb 2019 – Public lecture about Silent Forest by Dr. Heike Meisch, in Erfurt Zoo, Germany

23 Feb 2019 – Public lecture about Silent Forest by Simon Bruslund, in Vogelpark Viernheim, Germany 

28 Feb 2019 - Press conference and public lecture about Silent Forest by Simon Bruslund, in Nuremberg Zoo, Germany 

Stephan Bulk, Breeding manager for TSI Group & KASI Foundation, has been touring in Germany to talk about „Hope for Asian Songbirds – Wildlife Conservation Arche Prigen, East Java”. From 7-25 March he presented at Uhr Bielefeld IMDB/workplace, Zoo Wuppertal, Tierpark Bochum, Kölner Zoo, Zoo Landau, Zoo Basel, Zoo Augsburg, Zoo Dresden, Zoo Leipzig and Berlin Zoo.

30 March - 1 April 2019 First IUCN-SSC Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group meeting in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Campaign-related upcoming events

27 April 2019 – Lecture about Silent Forest by Simon Bruslund at ZGAP Annual Meeting, in Neumünster Zoo, Germany 

27 April 2019 – Songbird day in Zoo Liberec, Czech Republic

17 May 2019 – Second edition of an evening event for zoo employes and volunteers prior to the Eurovision SongContest, in Burgers Zoo, The Netherlands

17 May 2019 – EAZA BirdTAGs mid-year meeting, Campaign update, Berlin Zoo, Germany

20-22 May 2019 - Threatened Asian Songbird Alliance meeting, Berlin Zoo, Germany

29 May 2019 – Public lecture by Simon Bruslund for Songbird Day in Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

15 June 2019 – Conservation day and children activities to help asian songbirds in Zoo Liberec, Czech Republic

29 June 2019 – Zölli Night, Event evening and public lecture by Simon Bruslund, in Basel Zoo, Switzerland

10 August 2019 – Public lecture by Simon Bruslund about Silent Forest, in Aquazoo Düsseldorf, Germany

3 Sept - Public lecture about Silent Forest by Simon Bruslund, in Krefeld Zoo, Germany 

18-21 Sept 2019 - EAZA Annual Conference, closing session of the campaign, in Valencia, Spain

28 Sept 2019 - Possibly lecture about Silent Forest by Simon Bruslund at the Avicultural Society Annual Meeting in Chester Zoo, UK – TBC

1 Oct 2019 - Public lecture about Silent Forest by Simon Bruslund, in Frankfurt Zoo, Germany

8 Oct 2019 – Conservation and Songbird Day in Heidelberg Zoo, Germany