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It All Starts with Words

Kids have big dreams and we have big dreams for them. A bright future starts with 2000 words an hour. Find out more and visit 2000wordstogrow.ca to get started today!

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Encourage a Love of Reading Early On


Instilling a love of reading in your child can have a lifelong impact on their willingness to learn as well as their future creativity. Reading with a child often and from an early age is crucial.....

Children who regularly read with their parents or other trusted adults at home have a larger vocabulary and learn to read on their own sooner than children who are only read to at school.        Read More  

The 3 Most Important Words!

The three most important words that a child can hear are I LOVE YOU!

We have found some great ways to use the written word to express your love and to promote literacy at the same time.

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Website of the Month

Scholastic Canada - Kids Fun Online        www.scholastic.ca/kids

Discover new books, try some online games based on your favourite books and contribute by writing a review.


Tip #1

Allow your baby or toddler to explore and manipulate books.  Provide sturdy books to touch, hold and even taste.  As your child becomes mobile, put books on low shelves or in baskets where he/she can see them and choose them him/herself.

Tip #2

Reading to children even before they can understand teaches them to associate books with love and affection.