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As we say goodbye to summer (what there was of a summer anyway) we'd like to share some of the highlights for us and take a moment to provide some guidance on legal issues that might be affecting you.

It was great to support the Waitakere Primary School Soap Box Derby team and to see the way our pro-bono advice at the Henderson, Massey and Helensville Citizens Advice Bureaus is making a difference in the community.

Each quarter we like to remind you to take stock of what is happening in your life. This quarter we look at personal life changes and also address the common business issue of outstanding debtors.

  waitakere school soap box derby

• Are you starting a new job?
• Are you or a loved one considering moving into a retirement village?
• Do you understand the implications of your relationship ending?
• Is it time for you to set up family trust?
• When is it time to start bankruptcy proceedings against a debtor?

We update our website with relevant articles and law changes every week, you can check for updates at  If there are any topics you’d like to see discussed in future articles or newsletters, please contact one of us directly, or email

As always, we thank you for your support, and hope you find this quarter’s update informative.


Pete, Greg & Wade
  Starting a New Job? Understanding and Negotiating Your Employment Agreement
05.April.2012 | Elizabeth Briggs
Elizabeth Briggs For most people, their job is a significant part of their life. Employment lawyer, Elizabeth Briggs explains why you
should ensure you are fully aware of
what is and isn’t included in your employment agreement
before signing.


Buying into a Retirement Village – Do You Need an Interpreter?
05.April.2012 | Carolyn Ranson
Carolyn Ranson Signing up to live in a retirement village or complex can seem like a daunting process – it’s very different to buying a regular home and it’s important you understand all the details
of the contract you are signing. Retirement village law expert, Carolyn Ranson lays out some of the things you should consider.


Why Have a Family Trust?
05.April.2012 | Greg Muller
Property Some days it seems like everyone you know has a family trust and you wonder if you need one too, other days like family trusts are just for the super-wealthy.
Greg Muller answers that common question “Why have a family trust?”


  Special Offer - We'll Review Your Employment Agreement for only $350
05.April.2012 | Elizabeth Briggs
If you’re starting a new job (and you’re an existing Smith
& Partners client) let us review your agreement and meet with you to explain any onerous conditions, advise on any recommended changes and suggest negotiation tactics. All for only $350 + GST.


Divorcing or separating? 7 reasons why you need an End of Relationship Agreement
05.April.2012 | Ruth Gregory
Ruth Gregory If your marriage, civil union, or de facto relationship has ended, it may be tempting to ignore property and legal issues and “muddle-through” or simply walk away, but that could
leave you wide open to future claims, complication and loss. Family lawyer, Ruth Gregory explains how to protect you and your family from future heartache and stress.


When is it time to start bankruptcy proceedings?
05.April.2012 | Ilsaad Razak
Ilsaad Razak Unfortunately when you’re in business, chasing debtors always seems to be an issue, Litigation expert, Ilsaad Razak discusses how you can enforce judgment
against personal debtors through bankruptcy proceedings.

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