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New VA Chief says they've lost the trust of Veterans...

WASHINGTON -- The Department of Veterans Affairs has lost the trust of veterans and the American people as a result of widespread treatment delays for people seeking health care and falsified records to cover up those delays, the agency's top official said Wednesday.

[Source: Lowell Sun]

Dr. Ben Carson: ‘We Have Got to Stand Up for America’

Dr. Ben Carson was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he said that the U.S. is “the pinnacle nation in the world.” 

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[Source: Fox News Insider]

Justice Department Investigates Lost IRS Emails

The Justice Department is investigating the loss of Internal Revenue Service emails that might shed light on the agency's treatment of conservative groups.

As part of its criminal probe into the IRS's treatment of politically active conservative groups, the Justice Department is "investigating the circumstances of the lost emails from [former IRS official Lois Lerner's] computer," according to prepared testimony by James Cole, the deputy attorney general. Mr. Cole is set to appear at a hearing scheduled for Thursday before a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee. The Wall Street Journal reviewed his prepared testimony on Wednesday.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

Harry Reid says, "The border is secure."

Texas lawmakers Senator John Cornyn (R) and Representative Henry Cuellar (D) introduced a bipartisan solution to the immigration problem …only to have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say he would not support the bill because “the border is secure.”

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[Source: IJReview.com]