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Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure: Public roundtable meeting

Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure: Public roundtable meeting

Calgary is among the fastest-growing cities in North America, and leads Canada in population growth. As Calgary grows, the cost of building and maintaining municipal infrastructure is growing too. To better understand what kinds of infrastructure are important to maintain a high quality of life in Calgary and how to pay for it, the Calgary Chamber created the Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure.

While much of the heavy lifting rests with the 36 randomly selected Calgarians that make up the commission, we want to hear your voice on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at a public roundtable.

This is an important opportunity for you and other Calgarians to discuss how you’d like The City to pay for its growing infrastructure needs. Your conversations will help Commission members reflect the concerns of all Calgarians in their final report.

Join us at the Calgary Commission's public roundtable meeting.


Levers of growth 

Federal parties and their plans for our economy

Levers of growth: Federal parties and their plans for our economy

For years Canada’s economy has grown, even during a period of global economic instability, buoyed significantly by our strong energy sector.  However, with oil trading in the mid to low $40s, and growing concerns about the Canadian housing market, underlying weaknesses in the Canadian economy have reared their ugly heads, and have officially brought us into a recession, even if it may be short lived.

A prudent mix of fiscal, structural, and tax policies, along with strong leadership, will be needed to revitalize our economy and move us forward - who has it?

Canadians need to hear politicians’ plans for a resilient economy

Canadians need to hear politicians’ plans for a resilient economy

Although each of the leaders contend that the economy is a key issue, they have so far just traded jabs on whether or not Canada is in a recession, and how broad it may be. With such an important decision ahead, the electorate needs more.

How do we prepare for the opportunities ahead while also addressing the challenges that will shape the economic future of Canada, particularly when we are starting from a position of weakness? What ideas do our leaders have of how they will each tap into the best minds and use this period of transition as a lever to ensure economic prosperity and leadership for generations to come?

We need to find ways that ensure we have the ability to finance growing and emerging companies, keep them in Canada and make them globally competitive.

See what Chamber President and CEO, Adam Legge, and Dean of the Haskayne School of Business, Jim Dewald, have to say about it in the Globe and Mail.


Committees kick into high gear

Fall marks the start of new mandates for our five standing committees

Committees kick into high gear

Are you a thought leader? Love public policy? Want to make our city and province a better place? Then the Calgary Chamber’s policy committees might be for you.

Our committees help to identify issues that are important to Calgary’s business community, and act as advisors that work with our policy and government affairs team to create policy positions, which we work with various levels of government to implement.

To keep these ideas on track, we develop committee focus areas, which are determined on an annual basis through feedback we receive from our members and the Calgary business community.

Learn more about how you can join a committee.