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UpTeen UpDate

On January 28, Healthy You UpTeens had a chance to learn all about city government from Mayor Mike Schmitz, Commissioner John Ferguson and Commissioner Albert Kirkland. Teens learned about the importance of healthy relationships when serving in a leadership role, and had a chance to see how a law gets passed.

UpTeen is a teen leadership program of Healthy You Inc. Students from Rehobeth, Wicksburg, Northview, Dothan and Ashford High Schools were nominated for the program to receive leadership training and participate in meetings. During the school year, UpTeens lead the ReConnect program, part of Chick Fil A’s Core Essentials ®. This influential group of students lead the effort to infuse values in their own culture at school and in the community using a particular character trait to focus on each month.






Fatherhood Buzz a Success

The Fatherhood Buzz gave participants a chance to celebrate the men in their lives. In Ozark, NFL Pittsburg Steeler and Ozark native Steve McClendon spoke via Skype at the Autrey Recreation Center Banquet Room. Vendors from Dawg Pound Olympic Boxing Gym, Dale County Hospital Education Department and others offered information to men about how to stay healthy. Bubba from Taijah’s Barbershop offered free haircuts. 





Houston County Gives Day

On Friday, April 17, Healthy You will participate in the fourth annual Houston County Gives Day, which will be held at Eagle Eye Outfitters. Donations can be made online and in person between 3 p.m.-7 p.m. during the event.  At least 22 nonprofits will participate. In partnership with the Spirit of Service Day, agency representatives and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and share valuable information on how their particular organization helps those in need. The public is encouraged to attend to learn more about the nonprofits and show their support for Houston County Gives Day. For more information, visit www.houstoncountygives.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houstoncountygivesday.

Just the Facts: Teen Relationships

Healthy You teaches Just the Facts: Teen Relationships in high schools throughout the state. Lisa Donofro spent two weeks with students from Carroll High School in February (above) and Kris Doss taught at Dothan High School. If you are interested in hosting a Just the Facts: Teen Relationships class at your school or community group, please call 334-671-7774.


Healthy Marriage Week Winners

Congratulations to the winners of 95.5 WTVY FM and Healthy You's Date Night contest! Below are excerpts from the winning stories.

Jennifer Blackmon: I wouldn't say that my marriage is "successful" because that kind of sounds like we have figured it ALL out—we are truly a work in progress. We have been married a total of 13 years this June and we have committed ourselves to working on this marriage and not giving up. You HAVE to have trust and communication. You also have to know when something isn't working, change how YOU are doing things and don't try and change the other person—let God do that.

Brandi NeAnna Wood Vinson: My husband and I got married a week after I turned 18. In the past 12 years, we have learned that we are partners in this life. Being married to your best friend is the most wonderful thing you could ask for. Take time to connect with one another even when your schedules are full, kids are keeping you on your toes (we have 4), or you have just had a rough day. My husband is my absolute best friend in the entire world. In a sense we "grew up" together, but we chose to grow together during it all. It was totally worth it and now I can't wait to grow "old" together as well.

Debbie Hayes: Our marriage is successful because every day we get up we give each other a good morning kiss. We kiss when we leave for work and again when we get home. We call each other on our way home from work. In other words, we do what we did when we first met—lots of attention and spoiling each other. I still see the sparkle in his eyes when I arrive home and we always communicate and put each other first. I could not stand the thought of him hurting in any way. He is my soul mate, my future, my true friend. He is my one true love connection. Absolutely NOTHING or NO ONE is more important than holding each other at the end of the day.

Angela Allen: We met when we were in the fourth grade, he is now 53 and I will be 52 in a month. He was my protector from the first moment we met. I was bullied by one boy because I was so little and my husband would pick me up and put me on his shoulders and tell everyone that I was the biggest in the class. We've been together ever since. We tell each other we love the other everyday. We kiss goodbye and hello. I can say that the thing that works for us is to keep playing, don't get to old to enjoy life. Enjoy it together!!

Anita L Halling: Setting aside time for "us" and making it special. Also, yelling at each other. The majority of the time when we yell at our spouse we are just letting out frustrations, blowing steam from the stresses of the day, work, life. We just let each have it, usually over something silly, recognize it for what it is and then laugh afterwards. Works for us—17 years together and more in love than in the beginning

Just the Facts: Marriage

Marriage is more than just a wedding. The road to happily ever after is paved with love, forgiveness, gratitude and trust. The Just the Facts: Marriage workshop on April 14, 21 and 28 from 5:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m. at Head Start (900 West Powell St., Dothan) will help couples and individuals discover the secrets to a healthy and lasting relationship. Call 334-671-7774 to register.

According to research, marriage binds couples together in a network of affection, mutual aid, and mutual obligation, and is the outward, visible sign of a couple’s desire to create a lasting love and provide the bastion of support necessary for the growth of healthy children. Healthy marriages protect adults as well as children, mothers as well as fathers. Research indicates that people in healthy relationships experience more physical and emotional health, financial stability, are less likely to be victims of or to commit violent crimes, have decreased risk of drug and alcohol abuse, are less likely to contract STDs, and are more likely to have better relationships with their children. 

We're Moving!

Healthy You's Dothan office will be moving on February 28. The new address will be 3124 West Main Street Suite 14, Dothan, AL 36305.