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Community Involvement

It is a pleasure to see the amount of involvement Atwell College students are having in the local community at the moment. Atwell College students have been involved and continue to be involved in the athletics carnivals in the local area primary schools. The students have been completing tasks such as marshalling, coaching and judging. I can also report students from a variety of year groups have been involved supporting the community through volunteer work organized through the college. Well done to students involved in these activities.

Student Centred Funding 2015

The Education Department of Western Australia recently announced new funding arrangements for all schools, primary and secondary, IPS schools and non-Independent Public Schools. In essence the funding model for all schools is changing from base+allowances model to a student funded model with extra funding awarded to students satisfying certain characteristics. The additional funding attached to some students recognises social disadvantage, rural locations, remote locations and the like. All of these funding changes are based on a report tabled in parliament called the Teese Report. Professor Teese was contracted to write a report outlining funding changes designed to make the Education Department budget more equitable and efficient for all students in Western Australia. These changes are due to be implemented for the start of the 2015 school year.

All schools have been asking for increased flexibility in the way they are able to use their financial resources. This new funding model is designed to achieve more financial flexibility within all schools and therefore support student learning with programs designed in the school. Within this model Year 7 students are funded as secondary students because at the moment Year 7 students are not deemed part of secondary schools until 2015. Atwell College is different having Year 7 students as part of our population since the college’s foundation. At the moment the Year 7 students at Atwell College are funded under primary student funding arrangements. The new student centred funding model will be to the advantage of Atwell College.

Education Funding Arrangements 2014

As announced by the Education Department and discussed in the media all schools are affected by an alteration to funding arrangements in schools in 2014. The funding costs have been factored into Atwell College planning processes for 2014 and the college is confident in being able to offer an excellent level of education to all students. Current programs, courses and activities are not going to be altered or cancelled and some offerings will be increased due to the still expanding student numbers total in the college. The announcement that some Education Assistants will be re-deployed or will not have contracts renewed does not affect Atwell College. The Education Assistants at Atwell College are allocated to students with special needs and the funding source resourcing special needs students has not been removed. Please contact the Principal at Atwell College if you have any questions regarding funding arrangements for 2014

Kind regards

Noel Woodley

Atwell College Zone – Visual Art Exhibition

Atwell College hosted this year’s Visual Art Exhibition of fabulous work created by students from 5 schools including Harmony Primary, Atwell Primary, Aubin Grove Primary, Success Primary and of course Atwell College.  Read more

Mrs Eileen Walter - Head of Arts

Attending Principals and Visual Arts Teachers

Atwell Area Band

2013 Canberra Tour

On the 25th of August 36 Year 9 students set out to visit Australia’s Capital for a week with the aim of taking in all the unique opportunities that Canberra has to offer. Under the supervision of four staff members, myself, Mat Burt, Claire Bevan and Amanda Miller, the students visited important historical and political landmarks that are only available in Canberra.  Read more

Year 12 End of Year Arrangements 2013

It is essential for the smooth running of the events that each student is aware of the requirements.  We would like the events to be ones for the students to remember and as such will expect a high level of cooperation and commitment to the event. A continued high level of behaviour and commitment to your studies is expected at all times.  Read more

Dryandra Cadet Camp

61 cadets went down to the Dryandra State Forest two hours South East of Perth for four days last month. This camp was primarily to learn about the flora and fauna of the region and the major conservation issues affecting the area. Braving cold and blustery conditions all cadets threw themselves head long into the activities and were soon getting used to the rough and tumble of the bush.  Read more

Noah Ryan on Work Placement

I am completing my work placement at the WA Museum as a Museum Attendant.
My role is to welcome visitors to the exhibitions, assist them with queries and give them information about the artifacts on display.Les Barradeen, WA Museum Volunteer Coordinator has been a great support, giving me the opportunity to develop and demonstrate my abilities, which includes interacting and engaging with museum staff members and visitors to the museum.
Read more

Y11 Geography Excursion

Year 11 Geography students visited Alcoa's Huntly Bauxite Mine in Pinjarra on the 27th of August with Ms Signa and Mr Hasani. They received a tour of the mine site, seeing the large amount of infrastructure, machines and most of the mining process. Students compared parts of the forest that had not been mined with parts that had been mined and rehabilitated by Alcoa. Students enjoyed the trip, especially the opportunity to wear high-visibility PPE.

Mr Hasani - SOSE Teacher

Academic Extension Program (AEP) News

Introducing your AEP editorial team for 2013! We are a selected group of Year 9s who write about what’s going on in the AEP classes from Year 7 to 9. From left to right of the photo, we have Angela Goh, Angelika Hapis, Chloe Pech, Jacque Tugade and Jess Tugade.  Our group is quite an international one.  Angela is from Singapore; Jacque, Jess and Angelika are from the Philippines. Chloe is from Australia. We are all from 9.8, the AEP class of Year 9.  Read more

Year 10 Coastcare at Woodman Point

Seventeen students from 10.2 visited the coastal area around Woodman Point in the Cockburn sound as part of studying coastal environments in geography with Mr Hasani and Mr Hurle. They explored local flora and fauna with Coast Care representative Craig Wilson and conducted a marine debris survey. Students used their knowledge and what they had discovered to discuss the importance of the area and the changing issues surrounding it. Students began to see the small details that contribute importantly to this environment as they spent more time on task.

Mr Hasani - SOSE Teacher

Maths Learning Area News

A test cover sheet has been introduced into the Maths Learning Area which is to be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher. Students should be bringing an assessment or test home every two to three weeks.

Feedback to parents
Open lines of communication
Accountability of the Maths Learning Area at Atwell College

In addition to the test cover sheet behaviour and academic contracts have been introduced to the maths learning area and I would like to thank all parents so far with their full support. These have definitely helped communication between all parties to find solutions for problems. The other benefit is the teaching and learning within the learning area has adjusted for both students and teachers. Well done to all involved.

Mr Stiles - Head of Maths

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