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15 november 2018


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People news

Health researcher receives millions from Beat Cancer
The Danish Cancer Society is donating DKK 20 million from Denmark’s Beat Cancer 2018 appeal to the establishment of the Danish Cancer Society National Center for Optimal Outcomes for All – COMPAS. Clinical Associate Professor and Consultant Jan Maxwell Nørgaard from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital is part of the management of the n...

New grant given to AU research into joint-preserving hip operations
Backed by a new grant of DKK 1.2 million from the Alfred Benzons Foundation, Clinical Associate Professor Stig Storgaard Jakobsen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital will for the first time study the effect of joint-preserving hip operations in the prevention of hip dysplasia.

3R Prize goes to Birgitte Kousholt from the Department of Clinical Medicine
Veterinarian Birgitte Kousholt from the Department of Clinical Medicine receives this year's 3R Prize for improving the quality of animal experiments via the systematic literature studies on which all good research projects are based on – but which animal research has not had a tradition of prioritising so highly.

Cancer researcher honoured
Claus Lindbjerg Andersen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has just received a personal award from the William Nielsen's Foundation. He receives the award in recognition of his research into bowel cancer.

Million-kroner grant secures new advanced biomolecular equipment
Johan Palmfeldt has received DKK 7.7 million from the John & Birthe Meyer Foundation. The grant money has been invested in a new piece of equipment – an advanced mass spectrometer – which can analyse biological functions at cellular level to see the role they play in diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and hereditary brain disorders.

Aarhus University has a new honorary professor of neuropsychiatry
Aarhus University has succeeded in shanghaiing associate professor in translational neuropsychiatry Andrew Harkin and has made him its new honorary professor. He will be affiliated with the Department of Clinical Medicine.


Debate: The health research of the future should take place in a collaboration between several professions
If the health research of the future is to be successful, we must be better to ‘converge’ specialised skills and methods from different disciplines. Internationally, what is known as ‘the convergence revolution' is being discussed and Denmark ought to be part of it.

Internal focus

The WPA is coming up: Follow the process
Preparations for the upcoming workplace assessment (WPA) are in full swing around the university. And also at Health, where the local website, advisory group and timetable for the process are now ready.

Limited IT during the weekend of 17-18 November
IT maintenance work will affect AU’s IT systems and services and cause interruptions at different times during the weekend of 17 and 18 November 2018.

Outsourcing requires thorough preparation and a fair process
To provide the university with a solid process for evaluating the pros and cons of outsourcing, AU has developed a strategy for the competitive tendering of business operations. At appropriate intervals, technical and administrative business operations must be evaluated, and their market valuation assessed. One aspect of the strategy is that affect...

upcoming events

PhD defence: Rune Bæksager Nielsen
PhD defence: Janni Strøm
PhD defence: Nini Kyvsgaard

You can find further PhD defences, inaugural lectures and other events in Health's calendar

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