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Talk hypos says new campaign

An awareness campaign to encourage people to talk about hypoglycaemia has been launched ahead of Hypo Awareness Week.

TALK Hypos aims to improve recognition and management of one of the most common diabetes complications, which is associated with reduced quality of life and a significant cost to the NHS but remains under-recognised and under reported.

talkHypos logoSupported by Novo Nordisk and Diabetes UK, the campaign launches to coincide with Hypo Awareness Week (29 September–5 October 2014). To read more, click here.

Ninjabetic – A real game changer

It has been just over a week since I was handed a yellow shiny box that contained the newest kit on the block, Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre. All week I’ve been asked about the Libre:
“How much does it cost?”
“Does it hurt to put on?”
“Will I still need to finger prick?”
“Will you use it again?”…

There has been a lot of excitement over the Libre of late and I can understand why. It might not suit everyone but for some, it could be a real game changer. To r.ad more, click here,

DESMOND awards to showcase good practice

An annual awards to celebrate the Type 2 diabetes structured education programme DESMOND has been launched.

DESMOND teams are being encouraged to enter the programme which aims to reward excellence and share good practice.

The awards launched this month and culminate in the prize giving on World Diabetes Day 2014 on November 14. 

Bernie Stribling, DESMOND Director, said: “We would like to invite all the sites to take part." To read more, click here

Diabetes nurses’ group celebrates anniversary

A nurses’ group which has driven improvements in diabetes care in hospitals is celebrating ten years of making a difference.

Members of Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurse (DISN) UK Group will be marking its 10th anniversary when they come together at the annual conference which takes place on October 1 at Novotel London City South.

Chair Esther Walden, a Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurse at the Norfolk & Norwich University NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Having started after a gentle nudge from my supportive consultant Professor Mike Sampson, the DISN UK Group is for me a career highlight." To read more, click here.