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In this month's newsletter we list some popular ways to improve your network security and we help you select the right device for your needs.
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Our technical team is industry qualified, and is committed to assist you, whether you require proactive or reactive services on your organization’s IT infrastructure or simply, your home pc, under rapid response times.

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Is my business secure enough?
Cyber Crime is on the rise. Every day businesses both large and small are being hacked and having data leaked to public sites, costing businesses billions of dollars a year.

Unfortunately local businesses are an international target for hackers for two simple reasons...
HP ProLiant ML Tower Server
HP ProLiant ML Tower Servers
Start the new financial year with a great price on your new HP server. The HP ProLiant ML series is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses. With a range of options you can find the ideal server for your growing business.

Check out these great bundles with bonus memory or Windows Server 2012 pre-installed.
UB Funding
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Tablet or Ultrabook
In the market for a new device? Not sure of the difference between a tablet and an Ultrabook? Despite the outer similarities the core functionality of tablets and Ultrabooks are actually quite different...
Why Hybrid Cloud might suit your business?
The technology landscape is changing and we are being told the Cloud is going to dominate the future of IT. There are compelling reasons to move to Cloud products that offer us cost savings and the ability to scale.
The secret to getting more juice out of your notebook battery
With the rise of the laptop we have been able to stay productive, creative and entertained almost anywhere. We are no longer tied to our desks or a certain location that is, until it is time to recharge.

The way we use our laptop significantly impacts battery life so here are a few tips to help improve overall battery performance:
Tip of the month
Tip of the month
Current web browsers are designed to allow you to view multiple websites within one window. We have compiled a small list of the most commonly used shortcuts that you might not already know about:

Ctrl+T - Open a new browsing tab
Ctrl+Shift+T - Closed a browser tab by accident? No problems, this will bring it back
Ctrl+Tab - Switch between your open tabs
Ctrl+Click - Click on a link to open in a new tab
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