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Study Examines Sexual Health of Older Patients With Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) appears to have a "limited" impact on the sexual health of older adults, according a new study in the journal Heart.

In their research, scientists from University College London focused on the sexual effects of CHD in men and women over age 50. 

The study involved 6,690 people (2,979 men and 3,711 women) living in England who were participants of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. About 12.6% of the men and 7.5% of the women had CHD. Participants with CHD tended to be older than those without, with mean ages of 72.8 and 65.4, respectively. 

Men with CHD were less likely to be sexually active than their healthy counterparts, but there were no significant differences between women with and without CHD.

However, men and women in both groups had sex with similar frequencies.  Between 44% and 50% of the overall group had intercourse at least two to three times during the previous month. 

The authors noted the importance of effective clinician advice when counseling heart patients about sexual activity. 

"There is a significant but very small risk that sexual activity can trigger acute cardiac events, and beliefs about such effects may be magnified in patients and their families unless healthcare staff provide appropriate advice," they wrote. 

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