Whistler Independent Book Awards

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Longlisted Nominees Announced

Whistler Independent Book Awards 2016

We're pleased to announce the longlisted nominees for the inaugural Whistler Independent Awards. Nominees have been selected because of the quality and publishing professionalism of their books in the fiction, non-fiction, crime fiction and poetry categories. 

To recognize and support those writers whose books were also of high quality, the longlisting committee has decided to announce a WIBA "Honourable Mention" selection of Canadian self-published authors.

Longlisted nominees  for the Whistler Independent Book Awards are currently being judged by the Vancouver Branch of the Canadian Authors Association. Finalists will be announced on July 18, with the winners being announced at the Whistler Writers Festival, October 13–16.



Alexander, Mark - Danny, What Are You Doing?
Barclay, Bryna - The House of the White Elephant
Barker, Donna - Mother Theresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers
Bishop, Ev - Bigger Things
​Cameron, Mark - Goodnight Sunshine
Curran, Kath - Before It Was Easy
Duffy, Ron - Crossed Lives
Gale, Shawn - The Stories That Make Us
Hislop, Laurel - Chitchat
Shepherd, Caroline - Unlit Spaces

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Bendall, Pamela Roy - What Was I Thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo
Campbell, Miji - Separation Anxiety: A Coming-of-Middle-Age Story
Clews, Graham - The Sound of Silence
Hill, Leslie - Dressed for Dancing: My Sojourn in the Findhorn Foundation
Layton, Monique - The New Arcadia: Tahiti's Cursed Myth
Loney, Bretton - Rebel with a Cause: the Doc Nikaido Story
Service, Dawn - The Cabin: A Misanthropic Journal
Veldhuis, Oriole - For Elise: Unveiling the Forgotten Woman on the Criddle Homestead
Williams, Megan - Our Interrupted Fairytale
Ziegler, Maggie - The Road to Keringet

Whistler Independent Book Awards


Bailey, D.F. - Bone Maker
Brown, T.G. - O'Henry
Donald, Ruth - Sundown on Top of the World
Fostaty, Gerry - Stage Business
Wong, S.G. - In for a Pound



Barclay, Gloria - Water Window Mirror
Braun, Connie - Unspoken: an Inheritance of Words
Knight, Rosalind - Songs of Zambia
Sobat, Gail - How the Light Is Spent
Swede, George - Micro Haiku: Three to Nine Syllables
Woodland, Alan - Out of the Mist



Amodeo, Merle - After Love
Ashe, Carol - Out of the Storm
Blomfield, Sharon - The Sifnos Chronicles: Tales from a Greek Isle
Burnell, David E. - In Moonlight's Shadow
Cascioli, Lucia - Letters to the Grave
C., Joe - Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for a 12-Step Life
Druehl, Louis - Cedar, Salmon and Weed
Duffy, Ron - O'Hanlon
Engleson, Bill - Like a Child to Home
Ghulam, Elen - Graffiti Hack
Glover, William A. - Tales of a Mad Miner
Hancock, Lyn - The Ring: Memories of a Metis Grandmother
Kenyon, Anthony - The Recorded History of the Liard Basin 1790-1910
Marshall, Claire - The Violet Fox
McLean, J.P. - The Gift: Awakening
McWilliams, James L. - A Secret of the Sphinx
Pool, Annalies - Free Love
Stange, Ken - Going Home: Cycling through the Heart of America
Suelo, Del - I Am Free
Swede, George - Embryo: Eye Poems
Tasi, Mary & Wade Baker - The Hidden Journals: Captain Vancouver & His Mapmaker
Tracz, Orysia - First Star I See Tonight


NOTE: Evaluations for all submissions not nominated will be sent to authors on 18 July via email. Evaluations and promotional WIBA book cover stickers for those receiving an Honourable Mention will be mailed to authors on 18 July.