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Aquifer Pump Test Analysis
Jacobs - 452 Flinders Street, Melbourne

15-16 August 2016


IAH, AWA, WIA, SCPA member discount 10%.  Student discount 20%.  Group discounts 20%. Contact us for more info.

Course Presenters

Mike Dudding: Principal Hydrogeologist, mdGroundwater

Paul Howe: Principal Hydrogeologist / Managing Principal, CDM Smith

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Intro to Aquifer Pump Test Analysis Last chance to register!

An introduction to the essential basics of conducting an aquifer test and analysing the testing data.

This course will teach the very important background information to allow defendable interpretations of aquifer testing data using traditional methods and state-of-the-art software. A hands-on application of skills learnt is also part of this course.

Course Outline

  • Pumping Test Fundamentals|
  • Terminology
  • Aquifer Conceptual Models – Porous Media-        
  • Identifying the Conceptual Model
  • Production Well Analysis
  • Checking/Verification/Data Corrections
  • Practical’s
  • Pumping test design
  • Discussion

Australian Groundwater School, Melbourne
Mantra Southbank

22-26 August 2016


IAH, AWA, WIA, SCPA member discount 10%.  Student discount 20%.  Group discounts 20%. Contact us for more info.

Includes course notes, text book, tutorials & case studies. Networking drinks on day 2!

Australian Groundwater School - Melbourne

The Australian Groundwater School is vital for Australian professionals working with groundwater. Our flagship course, and the premier course of its type in Australasia, the Australian Groundwater School provides participants with a broad but rigorous introduction to groundwater. Introducing hydrogeology, assessment methods, modelling, managed aquifer recharge, management, governance and more, the course truly encompasses the fundamentals of groundwater.

Scientific, policy and management personnel who want to gain a solid grounding in groundwater should strongly consider attending this course.

Presenters include: Dr. John Webb (Associate Professor, Environmental Geoscience), La Trobe University; Dr. Rebecca Nelson (Senior Lecturer), University of Melbourne; Chris McAuley (Director, Water Entitlements and Markets, Water and Catchments), DELWP; Dr. Richard Evans Principal Hydrogeologist, Jacobs; Greg Hoxley Principal Hydrogeologist, Jacobs; Dr. Michael Teubner Consultant, Michael D Teubner Consulting Mike Dudding, Principal Hydrogeologist, mdGroundwaterBruce Gill, Senior Research Hydrogeologist, Dept. of Economic Development; Casey O’Farrell, Principal Hydrogeologist, Coffey; Bryan Chadwick, Technical Director - Environment, AECOM; Dr. Tamie Weaver, Technical Fellow and Partner, Environmental Resources Management; Steve Parsons, Senior Hydrogeologist, Jacobs.


2016 Distinguished Lecture Melbourne
Jacobs (Level 16)
452 Flinders Street

18 October 2016


Dr. Rebecca Nelson: NCGRT / IAH Distinguished Lecturer

We are thrilled to have Dr. Rebecca Nelson as the 2016 NCGRT / IAH Distinguished Lecturer. Dr. Nelson will tour Australia delivering her lecture: Regulating the cumulative impacts of groundwater withdrawals: Australia and further afield.

Abstract: The regulation of groundwater extraction has shifted dramatically through an intense era of intense water reforms spanning three decades. A key outstanding issue is controlling withdrawals with an eye to their cumulative impacts on groundwater resources and dependent systems. Such control is complicated not just by the incremental additive effects of many small withdrawals, but also by interactive and synergistic effects. Read the full abstract here.