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Smart Shelf Tracks Shopper Behavior Via RFID

Innovative Designers of RFID and RTLS Solutions

Beyond RFID in apparel, China's ISA Boutique measures customer interaction within its jewelry department with a  radio frequency identification Smart Shelve System by Alpha Solutions. The RFID readers and antennas, supplied by Convergence Systems Ltd. (CSL), enables the store to track its fine jewelry and to know not only what is stocked within the cabinets, but also when a particular piece is removed from the cabinet and returned—and how often.  Beyond inventory tracking and POS data, the RFID Smart Shelf analytics show how well customers like each item and helps determine ways to increase sales.

ISA Boutique has recouped its RFID investment through higher sales, based on fewer out-of-stocks.  To fully implement either a jewelry, watch or eyewear retail store similar to ISA’s installation size, the total cost is less than $7,500 turnkey package -  that includes all the RFID readers, antennas, cables and application software.  The ISA Boutique RFID system contains a single 16-port CS468 RFID reader and a total of 16 CS790 ultra-thin RFID antennas—one for each of the reader‘s port. The antennas were situated on the cabinet’s shelving on which trays filled with jewelry are placed.

Top 10 Applications of RFID in Manufacturing

RFID solutions, such as those offered by CSL, are a proven enabler of profitability of RFID in manufacturing. Here are some of the ways that RFID helps businesses improve inventory management, work processes, quality control, shipping accuracy and overall efficiency:

  1. RFID Track cases and pallets in distribution centers
  2. Manage RFID tagged raw material inventory for just-in-time manufacturing
  3. Track RFID tagged products through supply chain for quality control
  4. Automate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes by storing asset ID, QC and history with RFID.
  5. Ensure accuracy in assembly of packaged or bundled products
  6. Supply chain management with RFID reusable containers
  7. Automate preventive plant maintenance to minimize disruptions with RFID tagged equipment
  8. Streamline automated production lines for greater efficiency with RFID tagged Work-In-Progress assemblies.
  9. Early warning of corrosion or environmental stress in critical materials with RFID + Sensor tagged parts.
  10. Assure authenticity of industrial components subject to counterfeiting with RFID anti-counterfeit labels.