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The wait is almost over for free Boomtown show

Boomtown promotional banner

The show the region's been waiting for is almost here with Boomtown, Queensland Music Festival's biggest ever free community event, on nightly from Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21.

Mayor Gail Sellers said, "Boomtown is an epic musical production telling the story of Gladstone's past, present and future on show at the Gladstone Marina foreshore. It is the ultimate community event."

The alcohol free events are from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Visit the QMF website or read more…

Heritage register tells stories of days gone by

Raglan Homestead

Did you know Council has 66 places on its new Local Heritage Register?

Some of the listed places include lighthouses throughout the region; the Grand Hotel establishments at Gladstone and Many Peaks; Captain Cook's Landing Place at Seventeen Seventy; the former Gladstone Post Office; Kullaroo House and the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum.

Industrial icons including the Gladstone Power Station stacks are also on the register.

The places on the register all tell a story so get out there and explore the region's history.

View the complete register on Council's website.