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29 October 2015

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Key Person information clarification

From the number of enquiries to the Department about the 6 October 2015 issue of Gambits:now, there appears to be some confusion about existing key persons and whether they are required to complete the new GC5 form.

The section on New GC5 Key Person Personal Information Forms has been revised to read as follows:

New GC5 Key Person Personal Information Forms

Key person changes under the Gambling Amendment Bill (No 3) came into effect on 21 October 2015, the day after the Bill received the Royal assent. We now require additional information about key persons and a new GC5 form is on our website. This is the same process that was followed when the No 2 Bill received Royal assent.

All individual key persons who are named in any Class 3 or Class 4 gaming licensing application as being a new or returning key person or an existing key person whose role/association is changing must complete a new GC5 personal information form.

All these key persons must complete Part B of the new GC5 form in full as well as all other sections relevant to their circumstances. This is irrespective of whether they have completed a GC5 previously.

Existing key persons who are not changing or adding a new role/association do not need to complete a new GC5 form.

We acknowledge the additional work this will require, however, it is necessary as the new GC5 form will provide additional information for determining the suitability of key persons which is not currently collected.