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Scripture in Focus

Upcoming passages at One Place:

September 29: 1 Kings 4-8 (David Ferguson)

October 6: 1 Kings 9-11 (Susan Zork)

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One Place turns one!

As a reminder, One Place will be celebrating the first year that was, and the blessings of the year that will be this Sabbath during both worship services. We hope that you will join us on this very special day in our community.

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Keep us updated

The One Place community enjoys uplifting its family in praise. To help us keep in touch with all of the celebrations going on, please e-mail the One Place support team to let us know when your special days are. We would love to let the rest of the church raise a hearty "amen!" in support for your achievements and personal milestones. 

One Place Advisory Meeting

If you would like to be more involved in the One Place programming or want to see how One Place makes decisions week to week, you are warmly welcomed to join the weekly Advisory Board meeting.

Meetings are open for all to attend and meet at 6:30pm every Wednesday in the Campus Ministries office. 

To view minutes from previous meetings, visit the One Place Facebook page.

All I have is Yours

Last week's offerings totaled $245. Thanks to you whom have helped keep the lights on at One Place!

Offering bins are always available on tables at each of the lower entrances as well as on the table near the upstairs entrance during each service. Overflow rooms can utilize the bin outside of the upstairs entrance to collect offerings in. Please drop any loose change or envelopes marked for One Place inside to help support our ministries.

Sabbath school at One Place

Everyone is welcomed to join in on the conversation in progress each week in the Buller Hall Student Lounge at 11:45am. Come for the fellowship and stay for the conversation and closer study of the Scripture passages being preached on in Newbold Auditorium. 

A brand new Teen Sabbath school is now being offered for our 11-15 year old youth joining us each week. The group meets in BUL 150 at 10:00am. 

Tag yourself!

Check out the One Place Facebook page and take a look at all of the photos from past services and events. While you're browsing, tag family and friends so we can link faces to names in our community. 

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One in Christ

Our family has grown! We proudly welcome three new members to the the One Place community!


Zack Joyce

Garrett Strantz

Patrick Grzybowski

Baptisms @ One Place

If you are interested in learning more about baptism or would like to begin preparing for baptism, please contact any of the One Place pastoral team or contact Aaron.

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One Place is bursting at the seams!

Due to the overwhelming number of people joining the One Place community each week, we are now pleased to offer two overflow seating rooms!

Each room is designed to allow for members and visitors alike to experience the sermon and special features as they are streamed live over a video feed. While praise music, prayer, and announcements will be offered in each room to allow for a more participatory fellowship environment.

Overflow rooms can be found in BUL 250 and 251 adjacent to the upstairs entrances.

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Music Vespers

Our One Place music ministry leaders, Jeff and Twyla, will be opening their home to host a very special Music vespers from 7:00-10:00pm on October 5. This time and space will be reserved for anyone looking to get involved with praise team worship.

So if you would like to lead out in praise, you're invited to attend this service to network with other leaders, enjoy special music selections, and learn more about praise team worship leadership at One Place. 

Directions to Jeff and Twyla's can be found here. Please contact Mindy with any questions and to RSVP. 

Please make personal meal arrangements on this night as the Smith's will be serving hot drinks and popcorn.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Jenner Becerra is currently serving in Lebanon as a bible teacher at Middle Eastern University. 

When you find a free opportunity, send Jenner an email letting him know he is being prayed for and that we are proud of his work in Asia at One Place.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Erica Bradfield is currently serving the Lord in South Africa as an assistant to the School of Arts Faculty at Helderberg College. 

To show your support for Erica's work and to lend a word of encouragement, send her an email to let her and her family know they are in your prayers.

Happy Birthday Deedre!

A very happy brithday to our talented and beloved sister in Christ, Deedre Cousins. Deedre will be celebrating her birthday on October 3. Be sure to wish her well in another year of life, her smile alone will make it worth the while. 

Jesus. All.

Celebrating the supremacy of Jesus in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The One Project comes to Chicago, IL February 11-12, 2013!

A two-day symposium seeking - through gatherings, conversations, web-based content, and Christ-focused publications - to stimulate preaching, worship, and adoration of Jesus within and through the Adventist church.

We have over 1/3 of the spaces taken for the One project gathering in Chicago. Chicago plans are growing every week. We will be offering live translation into Spanish and thanks to Rod and Zan Long we have created the One project kids option. More details will follow next month. We have expanded the schedule around the gathering with two extra opportunities.

First, for those who arrive early you are welcome to sign up for one of the Conversations.  These take place Sunday evening and are limited to 8 people per Conversation.

Second, you could join us each evening after the gathering for the Intersection. At the Intersection we will explore what it means to put Jesus. All. in action. The question we often get is "how do we go further with this conversation and move it into praxis". This is the opportunity to move into the practice of Jesus. All. And to share with others what works, what might work, and the challenges we all face in a Jesus. All. ministry.

Explore and define the intersections where theories can become concrete solutions, theology finds implementation, and thoughts meet action.

To find out more information contact Japhet De Oliveira or Tyler Stewart. To sign up, visit the One Project website.

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