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9 June 2017

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In this Gambits:

  • Gamble Host resources now available

Gamble Host resources now available

The Gamble Host Harm Minimisation training resources and standardised policy template are now available on the Choice-not-chance website.These resources complement the Gamble Host Pack to provide a comprehensive package of resources to support venues and clubs build a culture of care for their gambling patrons.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA), Department of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Health developed these resources alongside gaming societies and Class 4 venues (pubs and clubs). We would like to thank all those who worked with us and provided us with valuable input.

These new resources include:

gambling host harm minimisation policy template
This editable template has been developed to support societies and clubs develop a comprehensive policy for harm minimisation delivery and identifying gambling harm behaviours. The template supports societies and clubs to describe how their venues will meet best practice gambling host responsibility.  It provides clear guidance for societies and clubs when considering the types of practices that should be in place at venues.

tips for venue management
This document provides useful ideas to build a culture of care for their gambling patrons.

gambling harm minimisation action plan
This editable sheet helps societies, venue and club managers and staff to note what harm minimisation action is to be taken, who’s responsible, how it will be achieved and by when.

commitment to care poster
This poster is intended to be a companion to the gambling host harm minimisation policy template. It can be displayed where staff will see it (for example in the staff room or the harm minimisation folder) or alternatively in the gaming room. It provides staff with a helpful overview of what they are working to achieve, and when used with the gambling host harm minimisation policy, will act as a useful reminder to staff of what the policy covers.

training tool
This training package includes a gambling harm reference card, everyday tips and conversation starters for staff.

All resources are provided as PDFs, so they are easy to open and ready to print.

If you have any questions, please email sector.initiatives@dia.org.nz or info@choicenotchance.org.nz.