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#Spychat! Join us online today!

We will be hosting a twitter chat featuring Policy Director Micheal Vonn, and staff counsel on our Stop Illegal Spying case Caily DiPuma.

Join us on Tuesday, December 3rd from noon-1pm(PST) on twitter at #Spychat!

Never taken part in a twitter chat before? It’s easy! You must have a twitter account to participate.

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NSA spying on Canadian soil: Shocking revelations raise more questions about CSEC

Classified documents obtained by whistlerblower Edward Snowden show that the Communication Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) coordinated with the National Security Agency (NSA) in espionage operations conducted by the U.S. during the 2010 G-8 and G-20 summits in Toronto.

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Picket lines are key sites of free expression

The BCCLA argued that picketing is the key way a union communicates about a labour dispute. Videotaping a picket line is a way for union members to express their views freely. 

On November 15, 2013 te Supreme Court of Canada agreed with the submissions of the BCCLA. The Court criticized the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) for not including any mechanisms by which a union’s constitutional right to freedom of expression may be balanced with the interests protected by the legislation.

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Supreme Court of Canada rules warrant required for computer and cell phone searches

In R v. Vu, the Supreme Court of Canada emphasized the highly intrusive invasion of privacy that results from the search of a computer and focused on the unique status of computers and similar devices as “portals to an almost infinite amount of information.”

The Court held that prior judicial authorization in the form of a warrant is required for the search of computers and smart phones. 

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New issue: The Democratic Commitment

The Democratic Commitment is the quarterly newsletter of the BC Civil Liberties Association.

We have been producing this publication for more than forty years. 

In the fall 2013 issue, we discuss surveillance, dying with dignity, and prison justice. If you don't get the mail out, check it out online.

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Join our team!

The BCCLA is seeking four individuals to join us as Communications & Development Volunteers for January- May 2014 and three participants in our Summer Legal Internship Program for summer 2014.

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This holiday season, give the gift of freedom.

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