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March 2017- 17 Days Until Spring!


Dear Friend,


Our February warm weather has come and gone, and Winter sems to be back.  However, Spring is only 17 days away.  It will return soon bringing the beautiful greenness that comes with it.

Below are some photos of construction of an early project in 2016.  This project  began in May and was completed in July.


As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed and appreciated.



Jennifer Dolecki-Smith, ASLA, RLA

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Waterfall Trio

This particular project had a tremendous amount of grade change in a very short distance, lending itself to the dramatic outcome that you see here.


Before- Not All Waterfalls Are Created Equal

The goals of this project were to  repair a leaky older waterfall, provide additional support for the patio above, and improve the landscaping and views.  To the right you can see the pre-existing waterfall.  







Early on, much of the hillside was removed.  Here you can see the new soil nail wall giving additional support to the patio above.

Footers for the large boulders were necessary to enhance the stability of the entire feature.

To create the proper scale of this feature took some massive pieces of stone.  All the stones were hand selected for their specific purpose in this project.

As the project begins to come together and take shape, strategies develop and change to accomodate every unique angle and stone set..  Part of the beauty and challenge of working with natural materials are the varying shapes and angles of each piece.  Our experienced team sees every possible way to set each piece resulting in unique works of art every time.








Natural Moss Granite steps that lead to the waterfall patio.

Early stage of completion.  


Upper Patio Waterfeature

Lower Waterfall Patio

Waterfall Approach