11 May 2016

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LGP News May 2016

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Back to Basics – Can You See the 'Forest for the Trees'?

by Michael Robinson, Acting General Manager

Sometimes a project, idea or process can benefit from a fresh set of eyes to give a fresh perspective, or to “help see the forest for the trees”. I was recently asked “so what exactly does LGP do?” by someone new to a council. I began to explain in great detail very specific information such as contract conditions, how it relates to legislation, how to achieve greater value etc., etc., etc., before they stopped me mid-sentence to ask “but what does that actually mean?” - GREAT QUESTION! It made me realise that yes, whilst many of us are familiar with what LGP does because we deal with it every day, often people who are new to local government or don’t have a background in procurement don’t want to know all the jargon and fine detail, they just want to know what it is and how it may benefit them to get their job done.

It is easy to get bogged down with detailed, strategic thinking and sometimes we need to be reminded to take a breath, step back and understand that not everyone is in the same place when it comes to procurement. There are many people that are new to procurement, local government or both. There are many people who procure things that are not aware that there are contracts, people, systems and documents available for free that may make their job easier, ensure compliance and achieve value.
It may be timely to remind people about some of the basics about LGP, what we do and explaining how our contracts and services can help you in your day-to-day role.

As many of you will know – everything the LGP team does must answer a fundamental question “what is best for council” and what we are doing should serve as proof of this SO, some of the basics;

  • LGP has 27 contracts for goods and services you can purchase from. See our contracts here
  • Purchases of any value can be made via these contracts and negate the need to advertise Tenders (Local Government Act 1993 - Sect 55 3(a))
  • You can seek quotes via a simple tool called VendorPanel
  • There is no membership fees or costs associated with using our contracts
  • LGP has a Procurement Services Team that can assist you with all your procurement needs. Find out more here  
  • LGP offers comprehensive procurement training for individuals or whole organisations. Find out more here 
  • LGP has dedicated staff that can assist you with everything we do and offer free advice on anything related to procurement and legislation 
  • LGP help the sector by offering a mentor program, online forums, network meetings, conferences, workshops, offering substantial financial assistance, recognising individuals and organisations with awards.

I encourage you to pass this information to anyone within your organisation to ensure they are aware of what is available at LGP. We strive to build contracts and systems that meets council’s needs and then highlight what is available. If it meets your needs then we have done our job and if it doesn’t, we can assist you find a solution that does. This will ensure what we are doing is “what is best for council”. I hope this information helps you and your team see the forest for the trees by providing a simple overview of 'what LGP does'.

If you would like more information please speak to your LGP Business Manager.


Do you Know a 
Not-for-Profit Organisation Who Can Benefit from LGP's Contracts?

The most recent LGP electricity tender included six times the number of participating not-for-profit organisations as compared to the previous LGP tender. This surge in uptake clearly demonstrates the not-for-profit sector’s increasing recognition of the benefits of accessing LGP contracts.

If you are aware of any not-for-profit organisations who may also benefit from LGP contracts, please have them contact Michelle Gavri, Business Manager.


Council Procurement Amalgamation Toolkit

The LGP Procurement Services Team are available to provide procurement support to amalgamating councils. An Amalgamation Procurement Toolkit is available on the LGNSW website.

To view the Procurement Toolkit please click here.

If you would like further assistance please contact the Procurement Services Team by email or on 02 8270 8700.


June LGP Network Meeting

The LGP Network meetings provide an opportunity for all local government professionals to come together to discuss the latest procurement initiatives happening in local government, and also discuss any issues or concerns.

Following requests from the March meeting, network members have been surveyed about potentially changing the location. The feedback provided indicated that the preferred venue is the Sydney CBD.

LGP encourages procurement professionals in local government to attend the next LGP Network meeting, and details are below.

Date: Wednesday 15 June 2016
Time: 9:00am to 1.30pm 
Location: Sydney CBD
​Light refreshments will be provided.​

Register: Click here
Agenda: Click here to suggest potential agenda items

Special interest groups: further information will be available at a later date.

The draft agenda will be distributed to network members and available for download via the LGP website.


LGP Council Feedback Survey 

At LGP we always value customer feedback. We will be distributing a survey shortly to discuss the following:

  • What do you think we do?
  • How we do we do it?
  • What would you like us to do?

If you would like to more information about the upcoming survey please contact LGP by email.

How Often Would You Like to See 
LGP News?


LGP Learning Centre

Would you like to enhance your procurement skills and training? 

LGP is excited to offer a training package tailored to local government. LGP's vision is to offer relevant and cost effective solutions for those wanting to develop skills and gain individual qualifications that are recognised across the whole of local government. 

The LGP Learning Centre offers a training and professional development program which includes the following components:

If you would like to learn more about the LGP Learning Centre please contact LGP Training by email or on 02 8270 8709.


Councils, Contracts, Conscience and Conduct

Councils frequently enter into agreements with parties who are in weaker bargaining positions relative to councils due to less knowledge (including legal knowledge), mental or physical attributes, or some other disadvantage. As such, it is crucial for you to be conscious of the ethics of your conduct.

The ACCC provides that unconscionable conduct is generally understood to mean conduct which is so harsh that it goes against good conscience and to act in a manner that is unconscionable is also a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act [ss20, 21 and 22]. However the Australian Consumer Law extends court-defined unconscionability such that no actual loss is necessary nor is it required to show an actual ‘victim’. It also extends beyond contracts and needs to be considered in any dealings with others.

Some points to consider:

  • Consider the outward appearance of your council’s conduct to avoid allegations of unconscionable conduct.
  • Ensure all documents are fair, reasonable and understood by the other party.
  • Encourage staff to be conscientious of the disabilities and disadvantages individuals may be facing.

Monica Kelly from Prevention Partners explains more here.


Tip of the Month

By LGP Procurement Services Team

Tender Evaluation Criteria

  • When selecting evaluation criteria for tender evaluation, the criteria can be mandatory, compliance and weighted criteria.
  • Mandatory and compliance criteria cannot be scored
  • These criteria requirements (e.g. insurance) must be met to enable the tender to be considered any further in the evaluation process.

How Does the LGP Procurement Services Team Add Value to Your Council?

The Procurement Services Team understand how local government operates. The team is considered to be a part of the local government family and add value by providing the following procurement services:

  • Tender Facilitation
  • Probity Advice
  • Procurement Documents Review and Development
  • Procurement Training
  • Outplacement Services

"Consider the LGP Procurement Services Team as an extension of the procurement function within your council"

For further information please contact the LGP Procurement Services Team on
02 8270 8700 or by email.


Northern Rivers Sustainable Procurement Forum

Sustainable Choice is a procurement program assisting Local Government in NSW to purchase sustainable products and services. The program is running a regional Sustainable Procurement Forum in the Tweed Shire on Wednesday 25 May 2016. Registration is free and currently open for all council staff.

This forum is an opportunity to discover ways to implement sustainable procurement effectively within your organisation; with a focus on implementation tools and resources, evaluating sustainability in tenders and innovative sustainable materials that are available for use in civil construction. 

Representatives from councils and industry will present, including Dr Suzanne Grob, who conceptualised and led the delivery of the Australian and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement.  Suzanne’s presentation will provide guidance on efficient ways to incorporate sustainability into procurement processes and decision making including a working example of evaluating sustainability in tenders.

The Sustainable Procurement Forum provides an opportunity for councillors, executive staff, engineers, asset managers, fleet and procurement officers as well as environmental professionals to discover sustainable products that are available and to learn more about their durability, reliability and certification. There will also be a number of suppliers brought directly to you, showcasing technology and innovation in sustainable products and purchasing.  There will be opportunities to network with your colleagues and to connect with suppliers and environmental innovators.

For more information click here. Those wanting to attend can register here.


Current LGP

For information regarding LGP tenders, including current status, click here.


Current LGP Contracts

Find out what current contracts LGP has here.


Upcoming LGP Tenders and New LGP Contracts

To find out what tenders are coming up at LGP or what new contracts have commenced at LGP, click here.


Amendments to LGP Contracts 

To find out information about amendments that have occurred between LGP and Approved Contractors, click here.


As part of our commitment to more sustainable procurement, Local Government Procurement is proud to be a member of Social Procurement Australasia (SPA).

Find out more about who SPA are here.


Want to
Know Who is Your Business Manager at LGP?

Local Government Procurement has dedicated business managers to look after the needs of councils, approved contractors, not for profit organisations and other government bodies.

Click here to see who can help you.


Visit LGP at CIVINEX 2016

LGP will be exhibiting at this year's CIVINEX 2016. Come visit us at Stand 80 and see how we can help you with your procurement needs

CIVENEX is Australia’s Premier Infrastructure Expo and features new and innovative solutions for Public Works, Local, State, Federal Government and private contractors. CIVENEX is hosted by the NSW state division of the Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA). 

There will be live demonstrations held showcasing the latest infrastructure technology in action. A variety of forums will also be held, with keynote speakers from the NSW government and various private concerns covering topics such as new regulations, future infrastructure projects, and best practice plant procurement.

CIVENEX will be held on 18 and 19 May 2016 at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds Richmond. Admission to CIVENEX is free and there will be accommodation, public transport and parking all walking distance to the venue. Free parking and free educational seminars will also be available. For more information or to register please visit the CIVENEX website here.