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Here's the plan...

Actually, I titled it:

"The Plan to Grow Your Business
with Effective Online Marketing."

I want you to have a copy. No need to reach for your wallet. No need to fill out a tedious form. Just go get it here or view it as a slideshow here.

What's in it:

  • Why think "inbound?"
  • 16 tactics to set you on the course to effective online marketing
  • An extensive list of ideas for content development
  • Insights from marketing experts
  • Important research findings

Enjoy it. Share it. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Can I talk to you?

WATCH > A free 30-minute content marketing webinar:

Magnetic Content: Transform Your Website
Into a Customer Attraction Force Field.

I created this webinar for Business2Community and Online Marketing Institute. Though it's on the schedule to debut soon on their sites, it hasn't been offered yet. So here's your invitation to check it out on YouTube and hear me explain a 7-step formula for accomplishing what advertising seldom can: getting customers to know, like and trust your brand.