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CBMIC Spring Fundraiser

CBMIC is pleased to announce that we are now in our 11th year of operation and we will be celebrating with our annual fundraiser on Friday, May 17. We invite you to join us for a great evening of fun, socializing and entertainment.

New Product Development Program Announced

Great News! CBMIC is pleased to be able to offer the 3rd consecutive year of our highly successful, Product Development Program. This program offers funding assistance to Cape Breton Artists who are ready to record new audio or video projects aimed at moving their musical careers and musical ambitions forward. This program, designed to produce new Singles, EPs, Albums or Videos allows artists to have a new product ready for market as well as a variety of industry related opportunities, such as industry showcases, award nominations, buyer programs and more. Over the last two years alone, this program has been instrumental in the completion of 16 fantastic projects from some very talented Cape Breton songwriters and performers. In both 2018 and 2019, there were albums nominated for ECMA awards that came from these projects. On May 8th we held a workshop designed to educate on the program guidelines and how to complete a proper and competitive application. With over 30 people in attendance, it is clear that the program is working and that there is a clear pent up demand in our local industry to get new products out to the music world. With the high costs of studio time and production of these projects, The CBMIC Product Development Program is a proven, valuable and necessary program that needs to grow and continue.

ECMA 2019 Charlottetown PEI

On May 1st, 2019, CBMIC headed off to Charlottetown in an effort to grow our presence in the East Coast Music Industry as well as connect with Cape Breton artists in attendance of the 5-day conference and Festival. While there CBMIC partnered in hosting a well-attended reception with Music Nova Scotia, arranged a Cape Breton Segment of 6 artists performing on Radio ECMA in front of a live audience at the ECMA host hotel the Delta Prince Edward Island and conducted a two day Media project "CBMIC Backstage TV". During this project, we aimed to capture video footage, pictures and audio interviews and performances of as many Cape Breton artists as we could during their activities and showcases at ECMA 2019. While there were many artists that we sadly couldn't get to, we did manage to come home with over 20hrs of raw video footage for editing and 2000+ photographs. Keep an eye out on our CBMIC social media for some cool videos to be released over the next few months spotlighting many Cape Breton artists.

Join the movement!

While CBMIC has an active membership, we have been long wanting to vastly upgrade the is component. The New CBMIC membership platform will be available soon for 2019. The new membership platform will have several levels of membership available including Individual, Group, Venue and Industry options. Each level will carry different levels of benefits and membership fees. One of the key upgrades of the new membership will be the personal networking profile that can be built by each member. If you are a current member of CBMIC you will be contacted by email with instructions to rejoin on the new platform. Anyone looking to join for the first time will be able to join through the options available on the new website which will go live soon. Stay Tuned!

New Basic Training offered by Music NS

Music Nova Scotia has created a Basic Training program to help artists and aspiring music industry professionals develop their skills and knowledge. Moving forward, applicants to Music Nova Scotia’s investment programs will be required to complete Basic Training sessions in order to be eligible to apply to our investment programs. Please note: It is mandatory for all first time NSMW showcasing artists to attend the Conference & Showcasing session prior to NSMW 2019. For more information follow the link below. https://musicinvestment.ca/basic-training/

or visit: musicnovascotia.ca