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ISSM Warns of Possible Predatory Journal

Repeatedly, ISSM members are receiving emails soliciting submissions to a possible "predatory journal." This journal's title is almost identical to our own flagship journal, The Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM), while also mimicking the title of our open access journal Sexual Medicine (SMOA).

We wish to stress that these emails, despite the similarity of the journal title, are not referring to an official ISSM publication. All communications regarding submissions would be signed by one of the Deputy Editors-in-Chief of our journal(s). If you are unsure about whether an email is coming from a “predatory journal,” please reference this table of warning signs to look out for.

Childbirth Method Not Related to Subjective Assessment of Sex, Study Suggests

Method of childbirth might affect a woman's genital response to sexual stimuli, but it doesn't necessarily affect her subjective assessment of sex, researchers report. 

Their findings, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, are based on data from 49 women. Thirty-one of the women had delivered a baby either vaginally or by C-section during the previous two years. The rest of the women had had no children. 

The researchers used Doppler imaging to evaluate the women's genital responses while watching a series of videos that included erotic content. The women also provided their subjective assessments of the experience. 

Find out more. 

Acellular Dermal Matrix for Penile Girth Enhancement?

The use of acellular dermal matrix filler material in penile girth enhancement is the subject of our website's latest Research Summary. 

"Complications and Management of Penile Girth Enhancement with Acellular Dermal Matrix" by Dr. Tingmin Xu, et al. was first published online in October in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study discusses complications associated with this filler. 

See the full summary here. 

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