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Lo and behold, everybody’s favourite thing about winter is just around the corner.

The Holidays are an opportune time to recharge the human battery and to make time for gathering with friends and loved ones. The season is a time to give, and express ones love or friendship through gestures of generosity and goodwill.

This lovely and flowery description of what the Holidays can actually be is lost to the dizzied and disgruntled Holiday shopper, caught in the vortex of last minute Holiday madness.

You can always go into the danger zone, helmet on, and brave the mobs and the mayhem, but may we suggest stopping into TIFEM and having a look and the exciting gift ideas we’re offering.


If there is someone in your life that you feel would benefit from the gift of music, and the joy of learning an instrument, let us know or stop by and see us.

TIFEM has Gift Certificates in store, an excellent idea for someone who wants to take their skills to the next level. Those who have always wanted to pursue a musical hobby, or even a bright future doing what they love professionally.

Gift Certificates cover all the bases from drop-in classes to private instruction.

We’ve got many surprises this year if you are looking for something for under the tree, or bush, or whatnot, including a fabulous 15% Off Sale on our Ukulele Packages (they include soft carrier bag and Snark tuner). 

Also available are some beautiful handcrafted African djembe drums, musical accessories and even a selection of Bobbleheads of in the image of artists from throughout music history.

Come on in for a visit and check out for yourself, as always there are some great tunes and a hot cup of tea waiting for you.

Happy Holidays! :)


Celebration is certainly in order as we prepare to ring in our 5 year anniversary with all of the talented, and sweet individuals who help make TIFEM such an awesome place to work / play / study / perform / exist.

The best way we know how to celebrate, as if it were news, is having a gay old time playing our hearts out amongst old and new friends. 

Come out and play some tunes for us, or come and hear what some of our students and instructors have been up to, musically speaking.

The Open Mics are always a superb hang and every open mic is another opportunity to network with other musicians. Over the course of five years, quite a few bands have been spawned at TIFEM events and the December 13th Open Mic should be no exception.

There’s a rumour going around that Steam Whistle Brewing is sponsoring the event with refreshments that when enjoyed responsibly, will compliment the experience. We’re told that tasty beer and music go well together.

See you there!!!



Seems like a chain of festivities is happening at TIFEM in the next little while.

This time of year is special, and as part of tradition, music helps us get into the spirit and joy that warms the soul even in the coldest of temperatures.

It’s a great pleasure to take part in the growth and improvement of budding musicians, and our TIFEM Music Fests showcase some amazing young folks playing and singing their little hearts out.

As each promising young player continues to go forward and take on more challenging pieces, All the Young Dudes and Dudettes are not only improving as players but flourishing in confidence and always doing nothing less than bringing it.

Please join us this December 20th and 21st for our 2014 Holiday Music Festival and prepare to have a good time, almost cry and experience Cuteness Overload as todays youth and tomorrows future serenades you with a winning rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.