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Have You Heard The Good News!?

GYU was chosen for The LittleBigFund!!!

What is The LittleBigFund?

The LittleBigFund is an online nonprofit organization that helps nonprofits in need and empowers donors to make a big bang with just a few bucks. Each month, the LittleBigFund features three nonprofits from a highlighted category—all while collecting small donations to form one large fund. At the end of each month, the fund is given to one nonprofit as determined by donor vote.

GYU got chosen for this months "Young Voices"

GYU applied and we got chosen! For the month of January, The LittleBigFund will be featuring GYU on their website for people to log on, read our story, donate, and then hopefully vote for us! At the end of the month the organization that has the most votes wins the fund! 

What we need from YOU!

As a supporter of GYU, we need you to do what you can to help us win! Go to The LittleBigFund's website, read our story, donate, and VOTE! Please send this along to family, friends, co-workers, and ask them to get involed too!! We need all the help we can get!