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CE-CEB	- Compact Case Erector and Bottom Sealer
Product Feature: CE-CEB - Compact Case Erector and Bottom Sealer
The CE-CEB features an ultra-compact footprint for your case erecting and sealing operations. A very robust case erecting system utilizes a pneumatic system with strike plate for efficient case opening. The CE-CEB also features an Allen Bradley MircoLogix PLC with category 3 safety. Standard quick-change features are standard on the unit including scales, hand-cranks, and change-over identification. View here.
Product Feature: HD-LSP - Heavy Duty Linear Servopack Autoload Cartoner
The HD-LSP is the gold standard for high-speed collating end load cartoners. This application featured two lanes of product coming to the cartoner at 250 ppm per lane. A linear servopack coupled with an AFA Delta 3 Robot provided robust product handling for the end user. High-speed intermittent motion cartoning operation ensures a world-class efficiency for your packaging line. Find out more here.
Turnkey Packaging Line: Bar Cutting, Bar Diverting, and Case Packing
This turnkey automation project featured high-speed bar handling. AFA developed a bar cutting system to take slabs of waffer product and cut the slab into bars at 500 ppm. AFA also supplied a bar diverting system to divert bars into two lanes at 500 ppm. The bars are finally conveyed to an AFA Top Load Case Packer where this integrated unit erected, top loaded, and sealed cases. Click here to find out more (Video ID: 336).