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Issue 2   |  October 31, 2018

Derech Emunah Newsletter
Students Explore Biological Macromolecules and Mystery Liquids

By Mrs. Sarah Path, Science Teacher


In Biology, students are investigating biological macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins) and working in small groups to teach their peers about the specific macromolecule they studied. We'll soon apply our newfound knowledge to an exploration of cell structure and function.


Read more about biological macromolecules at


In Chemistry, we explored "mystery liquids" and their characteristics last week as an entry into our discussion of the properties of matter and our study of atoms, elements, and the periodic table.



Below: Alex Birk (left), Rachel Eisenstein (center), and Aliza Margolese (right), deliberate the properties of matter.

Mystery Liquids
Upcoming Dates and Events

October 31st

Rabbi Joshua Levy, Executive School Consultant of Torah Umesorah will be at Derech Emunah. He will give a lecture tonight at BCMH, Wednesday, October 31st @ 8 pm. Topic: The Self-Driven Child - Promoting Self-Discipline in our Children


November 5th
Rabbi Yitzchak Lerner, Teacher of Halachah and Jewish Thought at Midreshet Moriah Seminary will be at DE to speak to the Seniors and Juniors


November 7th
Ms. Karen Treiger, author of My Soul is Filled With Joy: A Holocaust Story will be at DE to speak to the students about Kristallnacht and the Holocaust


November 8th-12th
The Seniors along with Rabbi & Mrs. Cohen will be traveling to Toronto, Canada to participate in the Bais Yaakov Convention


November 13th
8:30 am  Rabbi Rosenstein, Dean, Tomer Devorah Seminary will be here to speak to the Juniors and Seniors


4:00 pm Rabbi Kagan, Principal, Midreshet Tehillah Seminary will speak to the Juniors and Seniors


November 19th
Parent-teacher conferences


November 19th
Dr. David Luchins, Founding Dean, Professor, Chair, Political Science Department of Lander College for Women (TOURO) will be at DE to speak to our students

Derech Emunah Girls