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It's new set season, so you know what that means: new Cube set surveys. Complete the surveys for Streets of New Capenna and New Capenna Commander today! Get your responses in this week to make sure they are included in our forthcoming prospective article, and discussed in our community set review podcast episode. As always, we're accepting voice memo hot takes for said episode relating to cards from both sets. Simply reply to this email and attach a recording from your phone.

It seems to me like something has changed with the design of Commander cards in this set. I think there are many more compelling options there than we usually see. I know a lot of people don't bother looking at the Commander sets, so I made this post highlighting what I think are some of the most promising cards.

Finally, we have excellent new articles up from Parker, on what "power level" really means in Cube, and Anthony, who wrote a great guide to the Battle Box format.

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